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Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Secret Formulas for Writing Quality Content To Stand Out Real High

Write Killer Content

There are many things out there one should do as a blogger. Success of a blogger depends upon the frequency of hard work and value of each minute process. But, providing informative content is the key to stand out in the Blog-O-Sphere with your heads up. People visit our blogs to read the content we roll out mostly

Let’s see how you can write quality articles on your blog.. So, roll up your sleeves and get ready for some action.
Quality Content! Awesome Content and Killer Content! You’ve heard them all and you’ve said them all. Well, do you really know what Quality Content is? Pause here for a moment and think!

Have you come up with a description? Is it – “Awesome Content that forces other people to share“? Did you guessed that? Wow, I can’t believe you actually did! Because that’s not what I really meant. Sorry if I’ve hurt your mini feelings.

Quality Content is the type of content that are written successfully with an intention of making each fragments and it’s goals much more rich in quality. If you were to write a post with an intention to solve a problem, the post must do more than that. It must even teach them more about it. And, if the posts are meant to target a specific keyword on Search Engines, it must be well optimized and must be listed in the top results in the end.
So, a quality content should be a perfect on it’s intention. Let me make it more clear to you.
Consider that you’re writing an article on body building tips. The post must be;

1# Write Magnetic Titles

Titles are the door to blog posts on the big sphere. It’s that single factor which creates a decision in the user’s mind – whether to read it or not. The title must be optimized with the keyword for Search Engines and it must be magnetic with a force to make the user’s convert themselves into readers.

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Take a look at this title for example. The main keyword is “Writing Quality Content” and I’ve wrapped it with magnetism.

2# On the exact topic

Never ever try to throw out the readers out from the reason why they are on your articles. Write relevant content. Try to speak more from your heart and include your own experiences in the post. Trust me, people like to hear experiences.

3# Satisfying

Once they’ve reached your article, they shouldn’t leave your blog without acquiring anything. You must satisfy them with the main intention and try to help them even more on the topic.

4# Well optimized for Search Engines

Make sure you do proper keyword research, on-page optimization and off-page optimization to your content. It must rank well for the respected queries. So, make sure you do your Search Engine Optimization tactics wisely.

5# Well written

Must be written in a way that gets quickly digested. Who would want to read from your blog if they are written in such a way which make them say “Yuck”? So improve your writing skills and write like hell when you publish articles on your blog.

6# Visually amazing

Pictures does really speak thousands of words. So why don’t you speak out much more words by making good use of images on your posts? Add awesome images on your content which are related to the topic. It’ll give an idea of what the post is about and it’ll give the readers a much more user experience.

Thursday, 3 October 2013

How To Drive Traffic To Your Website With Facebook Images?

There are millions of fan pages on facebook related to thousands of niches and all of them are not succeed to drive traffic to a blog or website. Bloggers (me too ) used to put posts links there only to update the fan page.But do you think, only updating the page will help you to succeed in your goal of getting traffic from facebook? If you think yes, then sorry to hurt your feelings. This is not the job done. You have to learn some facebook marketing skills that can bring more ways to increase website traffic

While working on my facebook fan page, I come to know about a hidden trick that can increase visitors to our blog. Let’s learn what’s the special today.

Increase Visitors To Your Blog

Without taking your too much time, let’s directly come to the topic. In one of my earlier posts about getting traffic from Google Plus, I mentioned that how posting images is helpful to attract wider audience. This concept works everywhere either you are sharing images on Google plus, facebook or any other platform where you can share your stuffs.

You just need to post such images on your facebook fan page for which you can get decent shares. Let’s see how posting images will help you to get visitors to your website.

Step-by-Step Tutorial

Below are some easy to follow steps that we need to take in action. Follow them and see how easily you can learn how to get more website traffic.
Select an image that relates to your niche. Funny or humor related images works great.
Post them on your facebook fan page by writing up a cool description.
Remember: Not to put any link there. It’s not the correct time to promote links . Just Wait! We’ll do it later
Try to get maximum shares, likes and comments on that post as much as possible. Do everything that you can do to promote that image. Ask your friends to share it and leave a comment. This way you can get maximum shares. The maximum shares you get, the chances will higher to get more traffic to your blog.
Increase Traffic To Your Blog Using Unverified Subscriber

Once you get enough shares, it’s time to play for our own benefit. Simply click on the image and choose Edit from the right side options.

Receive Facebook Traffic
Now smartly add your blog post link in the description that highly relates to that image. (Matching post will give you more traffic) and press Done Editing button.

Increase Site Visitors
After saving the changes, your link will start appearing to each person’s timeline who had shared your image. That means, now your link will also appear to their friends and chances are higher to get more readers. (Free promotion)