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Thursday, 27 February 2014

6 Ways To Motivate Yourself in Blogging

Blogging Motivation Tips

You are a newbie and started your blog with 0 readers. Surely it’ll be hard to you to continue writing for your blog when no one is there to read it. Believe me, this is same for all. You need results that will encourage you for putting your best efforts to make your blog successful.

1. It’s Hard

I admit that blogging is fun, but you need to work through the tough times because it is hard more than fun. First few months will look like that you are writing for no one. You need to struggle to build your readership. Just kept your goals in mind, why you started blogging and keep moving without giving up.

2. You Need Followers

There are thousands of blogs online but why people will follow you and your blog? You need to be yourself. Express yourself while writing for your blog. Share your personal experiences,write conversational articles and keep your visitors happy. It will touch their hearts and they will love to follow you.

3. Appreciate Other’s Work

What will be the happiest moment other than getting first comment on a brand new blog. Readers’ comments encourage bloggers to keep providing useful stuff. You need to praise other’s work to get flood of comments on your articles. Read others’ blogs, leave comments and share their articles. They will surely do the same for you. It will not only increase your blog’s awareness in the blog-o-sphere but you’ll get in touch with influential bloggers also.

4. Market Your Blog

I always said that the better you promote, the more readers you will get. Don’t just sit relax after hitting the publish button. Be a killer promoter and do your best to reach your articles to the right audience. Share your articles as much as you can and you’ll get flood of new readers. You can make use of these Top 4 Non-Nonsense places to share your blog posts.

5. Get in Touch With Existing Readers

To grow your blog’s readership, you always need more and more new readers to land on your blog. But just don’t forget your existing readers. Get in touch with them, respond to their comments and provide them worth. Start building your email listand offer them freebies and useful content. They will more like to add your blog in their favorite blogs list.

6. Earn, Invest and Grow

Making first dollar out of the blog is the best encourage for a blogger. You need to start making money to keep yourself motivated. Keep your eyes glued to every possible way to make money from your blog. Look at the successful blogs in your niche and try to follow their strategies. There are many ways available today to earn online from a blog. You can make use of Google Adsense, Affiliate Marketing or provide your own services to your readers. The only goal is making money from your blog. Because it will always keep you motivated towards blogging.

Friday, 7 February 2014


Are you finished with making your website getting live? Well, the next and the most foremost step necessitate you to think about monetizing your site. In order to make money via your site, you need to incessantly upgrade your site and elide certain changes or add-on things that help in making your website highly productive. Nonetheless, there is plethora of ways that you can take up to monetize your website, but be wary as some of these methods can be complex and even expensive.
Blog Monetization Tips
Without a doubt, generating good traffic to your site has been one of the most effective ways that most likely help website earn huge profits. How? There’s an obvious answer to it – when more people will visit your site you’ll likely make more sales. Many people often think how merely getting traffic to their website can get them overwhelming rich returns, earlier even I was confused as how it was possible, until I myself discovered a few ways that made me understand how getting more traffic to my website helped me ringing in good amount of money.

Blog Monetization Tips And Strategies That Work

Here in this guest post I’ve come up with a list that explores theways to monetize a website without taking up a lot of your precious time, so that you can rather focus on building a compelling site with putting in all your efforts into mounting your traffic. Albeit, the below listed ways are basic methods, but definitely the most effective monetizing strategies.

1. Pay-Per-Click Advertisements (PPC Ads)
Pay Per Click
Pay Per Click is a pretty simple and easy way to get more visitors to your site when you want to increase its traffic. With PPC search engines like Google, or Yahoo and others help individuals as well as businesses to buy listings in their search engine result pages (SERP’s). Your listings are made available on the SERP’s along with the non-paid search results. After that, the advertisements are sold by conducting an auction and you need to bid for the amount you’ll pay to get a click on the advertisement.
So, if people click on your PPC listing or let’s say PPC Ad, they’ll arrive at your website, and for every click you’ll get some profit. To make the most out of your PPC strategy, remember the money that you’ll earn per click is reliant upon elements such as ad placement, and relevancy of ads to name a few.
Google Adsense is certainly the most admired and extensively used option. However, there are other alternatives as well such as Bidvertiser, Clicksor etc. that works on the PPC model.
2. Affiliate Networks / Programs
Affiliate Marketing Tips
Affiliate programs can prove to be a highly rewarding option to monetize a site. What’s so great about this alternative is that affiliate programs are available in just about every industry vertical you can envision. So, if you yearn to promote some business products and/or services you can join any affiliate networks/program of any particular company or website(s), all you’ve to do is to sign up in your chosen affiliate program.
For an instance, you own a fashion website and you collaborate with an affiliate network in order to promote their brand in the online marketplace, you’ll make profit every time when someone will purchase via your affiliate link. But, as we all know that the market is flooded with countless websites, to wade through all those sites – to earn good amount of money isn’t going to be easy. You need to really work hard to attract people to visit your website and make purchases. And one such great way – starts with writing catchy posts or writing great reviews that prove to be important to your readers’ interests.
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If you are on a hunt on finding out the best affiliates, thenAmazon is the most apt place to begin your search.
3. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Blog SEO Tips
SEO till date is the most popular way to boost traffic to your website. We all are aware of the significance of using relevant content in a site. It is imperative to create content that make use of pertinent keywords according to your domain or business you’re dealing in. You must use Google to search for relevant keywords that can help you fetch good traffic to your website. What Else? Keep in mind certain nitty-gritty yet important things such as to use grammatically correct and unique content, and you’re definitely going to succeed in your online endeavors to attract visitors that will most likely turn into your potential customers, thereby making you earn huge profits.
4. RSS Feed Ads
Just like blogs, RSS Feeds is a lucrative marketing tool! Today, increasing number of readers subscribe to RSS feeds to find out their preferred sites. So, if you don’t happen to have one in your site then you’re missing out your chances to lure in many readers who might be interested in your content. Besides, you never know when you’re reading this guest post, several search engines “like a ghost” will be exploring online space to look out for new and updated content. So, if you’ll update your RSS Feed chances are that those search engines will pick your site up, and throw it in front of the large audience on the cyberspace searching for exactly what you’re offering.
5. In-text Advertising
Intext Advertising For Blog
In-text ads don’t require any additional fee, which is why a lot of site owners, especially the one with a shoestring budget favor this sort of monetization tactic. It makes your earn profits through the content in your site. You might have come across websites with pages that contains some content having underlined, clickable words. And, when you hover over those words, sometimes you can even see tiny advertisements pops-up. Those underlined words are the in-text ads attached to your content.
Remember, often a lot of visitors, find these advertisements too distracting. Therefore, make certain not too use too much of in-text ads in your website.

Final Words!

Every business owner works towards the sole aim to make profits with help of their business website. But, to surge through the grueling online marketplace and reap online success is a challenge. The first step that you need to follow to commence your journey towards monetization requires you to generate good amount of traffic to your website, which later, might turn into your prospective customers getting you good sales.
So, if you’re searching for ways to monetize your website, you can consider aforementioned elements that might prove as your ultimate guide to success.
Lastly, there are various other monetization methods out there in the web world, which might work wonders for a few sites compared to others. Thus, it’s essential for you to keep on experimenting diverse approaches to find the one appropriate tactic that benefits you.