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Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Revealing 6 Tips To Increase Your Email CTR on Auto-Pilot!

Email Marketing requires you to track two major figures namely ‘Open Rate’ and ‘CTR (click through rate)’. While the primary target is to influence people to open your email campaign, your CTR defines the actual result of your email marketing. Open rate is not going to help if they read only to delete it. So, you need to target on increasing CTR if you want people to act on your offers.
Let me tell you, successful email marketing requires healthy CTR. This in turn increases your site traffic almost instantly. So, start on if you have not started yet, and if you already have, follow some simple steps to improve the way you send your emails.

First Tip : Create and Urgency or Scarcity

This is a wonderful tact used in almost all types of marketing. If your reader is delaying the action, most probably he forgets the offer you have given. So, you need to work on an email in way that people act immediately.

Always try to place offer for limited period not more than 48 hours. Or, you can simply create scarcity by placing offer only for first few number of people. This will help your potential users to act on urgently.

Second Tip: Give Relevant Offers

It is really important that your offer is relevant to the needs and interests of your recipients if you want them to click on your offers or even open your email for that matter. For this, you will have to build your email list quite carefully. It does not matter how wonderful your offer is, it will not give you a good CTR if it does not relate to their immediate needs or concerns.

Third Tip: Make Your ‘Call for Action’ Strong

This is a highly crucial tip. I have emails in my inbox that talk stories about I don’t what all, and the real ‘call for action’ is buried somewhere in the middle of long, never ending content. Create a short email with and easy to find call for action. Another solution is to repeat it a few times in your email and making it large and attractive so that no one misses it. Some teasers that do not reveal much about the offer and in turn entice user to click can help too. The idea is to make it compelling. Read this post for more great information about an appealing CTA.

Fourth Tip : Make You Emails Optimized for Mobile Users

Always remember that this is an era of smart phones. Most of your recipients would access your emails through mobile phones or devices. If your email is designed only to run comfortably on computers, you will surely lose a number of potential leads.

Fifth Tip: Test Your Emails Carefully

Test the length of your email, subject info, writing styles and all other factors before finally shooting your emails. Do not forget to add Google Analytics tools to track the performance and results of your marketing effort.

Sixth Tip: Send Short and Snappy Mails

Long, extensive explanations in your email will harm your CTR for sure. People get hordes of promotional emails everyday and do not want to spend time reading through and studying each mail. Make your email as brief as possible.

Friday, 18 April 2014

X Theme – Official Theme of Awesomeness

X The Ultimate WordPress Theme

According to dictionary, the word ‘awesome’ means extremely impressive or inspiring awe. When was the last time you were hand-cuffed to say ‘AWESOME’? Today, Yesterday or Days Back?

Now, what if I say you can buy Awesomeness! Well, not literally; but figuratively.
If you are annoyed finding the right theme, then here’s the ultimate solution to get rid of your problem for once and all.
Presenting “X – The Ultimate WordPress Theme”

To start off with, the developers have stated it as ‘last WordPress theme you’ll ever have to buy’. Well, at first I was setback by its bold tagline, but it’s in fact true to every of its words. ‘X’ theme is not one-specific theme, rather it has hell lots of designs packed in it. Interestingly, the developers have stated this as stacks; and the current theme has 3 amazing stacks (more to come soon!).

The best part is about the flexibility of the theme. You can use it for any niche you want, Technology, sports, cooking likewise. Also, it has been blessed with such awesome customization options that no two themes will look the same!

But, here comes the shocker — the price tag. The cost of ‘X’ theme has been slated at a whooping ‘60$‘. Disappointed? In fact, they are offering the best of WordPress theme at the least! Don’t believe us? Over 10,000 sales and 4.65/5 star ratings might not prove wrong. Wonder what’s so special? Here’s an in-depth review on X theme.
About the theme

The key selling point of the theme is on the basis of offering multiple designs which suits multiple tastes and flavors of different folks. It’s worth full of its price, as it has been embedded with such awesome add-ones and plugins, which we generally don’t see in WordPress platform.

As mentioned above, the theme is packed with 3 stacks (currently) which are —

The theme is not like child themes like genesis child themes which have a similar structure, each theme is different from one another.
Responsive Design

Another great selling point of theme. X theme can be used over various range of devices from phones to PC to tablets. Each theme you customize is responsive. The flexibility factor does counts here!
Short codes

Like other premium themes, the theme is packed with incredible shortcodes to increase the awesomeness and functionality of the theme. The developers behind the team have piled up a huge compilation of at least 40 amazing shortcodes, embedded in the theme.

If you are changing from one theme to another, these short codes might prove beneficial.
Customize Options

Well, no matter how much you say about the customize options, you will be short enough.

The theme has been packed with lots of customize options; you can modify the theme in any manner you want (given that two themes are quite different, this might prove beneficial again). This gives you an option to choose from a wide range of designs.

You can preview all these changes live. But, before your readers see these changes, you have to confirm these changes.
Export and Import

If you have designed a certain theme, and want to use this theme’s elements into a new one you can use the option of export/import too! The Export/Import feature does make ‘X’ theme stand out of the competition.

More to the customization part, you can customize almost every bit of the theme which includes — Logos, Background, Buttons, Fonts, Colors and much more.
One page-homepages

Among one of the awesome features, one-page themes are one of those. It’s one of the recent additions.
One-page themes have become a huge trend among developers, as you can see most of the websites going in for one-pagers.