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Friday, 20 June 2014

Optimizing Your Landing Pages Should Be Easy. Here’s How

Are you a business owner thriving in the competitive world ofonline marketing? Are you an employee being bombarded with questions as why the online sales are diminishing?

If you are thinking of strengthening not only your company’s online presence but its sales as well, then take a moment to review your site’s landing page. This might be the only thing you need to attend to.

Before you head on with the details of improving your site, you have to familiarize yourself with what a landing page is.
A landing page is where you bring your visitors when they click your link from ads, search results and other web pages linking to you. Typically, if your goal is to sell your services, increase the number of subscriptions or cause the visitors to download your products, then you have to bring them to a page that will convince them to avail of such. Otherwise, you will be throwing your only chance of sales from a new visitor.

So how do you optimize your landing page?
Determine site barriers

You should determine your site’s ability to keep up with the fast-paced lives of your visitors. To be able to do this, check your page from different browsers and devices to see whether there are barriers that limit your online visitors. Be sure that your site ismobile responsive and loads all the site details in a snap.
De-clutter your page

No one would like to continue browsing a page with too much clutter. Every element in your landing page speaks something about you and your services. Determine which among these elements are important and eliminate those that are not.

If you are not sure of which to keep, here’s a list of the most important details on your landing page: An engaging headline, a short description of your services, feedback from satisfied customers, an image or video about you and what you offer, and of course, a call to action.
Do you know, Call-To-Action really is your secret weapon of success in Internet Marketing?

If you are not sure what CTA actually is, I highly recommend you to read about it first. Here is the direct link.

Call To Action – Secret Weapon of Success! HOW?
Check if your page has a fold

A fold creates a cut on your page from a typical browser resolution. Ensure that all the necessary items to deliver a number of conversions are above the fold. This way, if the visitor opts not to scroll down further, you are sure that you have relayed the message you want to speak of in the first part of your site.
Be consistent with your content

Narrow your focus, strengthen your voice and eliminate blabbering of things that sidetrack your visitors from your main point. Providing a consistent experience to your visitors from the ad they clicked to the landing page and all throughout your website will intensify the message you want to relay. Having understood this, your visitors will most likely purchase what you are offering.

If tinkering with your website’s codes seems too overwhelming for you, you can also try using a landing page software which is a lot cheaper than hiring professional services. By carefully crafting your landing page according to specific needs of your target market, you will be sure to notice drastic changes in your conversions in a small span of time.