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Friday, 4 July 2014

10 Clever Ways To Keep Your Old Blog Posts Alive

Revive Old Blog PostsHere are 10 simple yet crucial ways that can help in boosting your older posts for new readers:

Edit the Titles to Make Them More SEO Friendly

Go through the titles of your old posts and try altering them to make them more appealing according to trending topics and ideas. Changing the title will surely not mess up the SEO on your site as this will not change the permalink of your post. Only the display title will be changed and this will be picked up as new information by Google quickly. Read this article to find best example of creative titles.

Create an Image and Pin it on Pinterest

Pinterest is a great way for bloggers to generate traffic on their blog. It often happens that we tend to pin only one of the multiple images from one post on our site. So, pick the pictures which have not been pinned initially and pin them afresh to attract fresh traffic.
Pinterest (if used wisely) can help your blog to become super successful.

Don’t know how? Click here to know.

More than that, Pinterest also bless its users with lots of free targeted traffic.

I highly recommend you to follow these 7 smart tips in order to attract flood of traffic to your blog.

Link Old posts to New Ones

As we all know, internal link building is the key to strong SEO and at the same time user-friendly too. So, link your new posts with similar ideas to the relevant old tips or write-ups on your site.

Create Google Hangouts

Google Hangouts is a renowned way to not only share knowledge but also discuss subjects with blogging peers or your fans. Host a Hangout based on your older posts and your followers may come up with questions to learn more about what you have knowledge of.

Send Across Newsletter

I hope you are already sending out newsletters. Use newsletters to welcome new members and highlight some of your older yet popular posts.
If you are not already sending newsletters to your subscribers, then here is the reason to do so.

Run Across a Popular Post RoundUp

Apart from creating newsletters, you can even create a roundup post once or twice a month listing the links of your popular posts.

Share on Social Media Network

It is important for you to realize that at any given time, there may be an entire different group of audience reading and scanning social media networks. This simply means that the group of people who have noticed your tweet at 12 noon is replaced by altogether a different group after an hour.

The same stands true for your older posts. You must have gained a bunch of new followers since you last posted an idea on say, in July 2013. These people may have never seen some of your best posts. Bring them back in rotation through social media platforms.

Use Tweet Old Post Plugin

Tweet Old Post Plugin
Tweet Old Plugin is a great way to help your old posts in rotation. You can select the criteria in the options it provides as per your desire. You can select the categories you want to exclude or include, set the time between two tweets and choose other options to customize the settings, as you want.

Stumble Your Posts

StumbleUpon is a great way to bring new traffic on your site. This certainly brings your older posts into notice too.

What do you think? Is it really possible to drive crazy amount of traffic from StumbleUpon?

Here is the answer.

Re-write the Post with Related Updates and New Content

Edit the posts with new ideas. Trends and interests of audience keep on changing with time. Add some interesting and new facts to your older posts and this will give new life to your existing content in the eyes of search engines as well.

So, these all are the 10 clever things which you can do with your old blog posts. All this has helped me much and will surely help you as a blogger too.