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Monday, 9 December 2013

Tips To Increase Traffic And Making More Money From Your Blog

Blogging needs traffic and bloggers need money from their blog. It’s the TRUTH. I personally receive many messages from my readers asking me:
How to increase their blog traffic?
How to make money from their blog?
Or, how be successful in blogging?
I must say, these are the common issues of all the newbie. Why they are not good enough to make profitable blogging?
Here, I’m sharing my personal experience that will surely help you to solve out these BIG problems.

Generating Traffic To Your Blog

Having the right audience to read your content is must if you want to make money online. You can easily drive massive traffic to your blog by being active on social media sites like Google Plus, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest etc but there are other most important things to do too that surely you can’t ignore. Let’s have a depth insight.

Edit Your Old Content
Writing daily for your blog is good, but one simply can’t ignore his/her previously written posts. They are also as important to care as the new posts. Look at your previous articles that are not receiving any traffic or say less traffic. Edit them to add more value and improve their SEO score(here you can make use of SEOPressor WordPress Plugin) so that they can perform well in search results.

You can add new life to your old posts by linking them with your popular posts. It’ll give a boost to your traffic and you can convert that traffic to make more money.
Promote As Much As You Can
No matter, how much quality you are adding to your content if there is no one to read that. Internet Marketers should make a plan of blog promotion. If you are putting 20% of your blogging time in writing your blog posts, then you must need to put 80% time in promoting that content. You can start with below two guides:
Top 4 Non-Nonsense Places to Share Your Blog Posts
Promote Your Blog Posts While Sleeping

Take a break from your writing process and start promoting some of your previous masterpieces at every possible corner. It’ll give more royal readers, subscribers, followers to your blog.
Look at Your Blog Quality
Everything needs maintenance and same is with your blog too. Try to improve your blog quality. Simply writing content can’t make your blog successful. You must need to care about it’s performance, look and feel.
Figure out the issues that your readers are facing while exploring your blog. Do you have huge number of broken links on your blog? Do you have a crappy blog design? Look at your blog from the reader’s eyes and try to improve it as much as you can.
Why only writing if you can’t make money out of it. Stop investing your all the time in just writing your articles. Make a schedule and plan to work on your money making strategies too. There are lot of ways today for the bloggers to make profitable blogging. Let me explain few of them:
Affiliate Marketing
If you missed our previous post, then I must recommend you to go through it first to learn how to be successful in Affiliate Marketing. It’s the best way to make money out of the box for internet marketers.

Start looking some useful products and promote them among your audience. You’ll see a steady growth in your earnings from your blog.

You can sign up to ClickBank and Commission Junction to avail affiliate marketing.
Sponsored Reviews
Making money by writing articles and publishing in your own blog is really a coolest way I have ever found. If you don’t know what does sponsored reviews means then let me tell you that it’s all about reviewing other’s products or services to increase their brand awareness and sales.

You’ll get decent money by writing sponsored reviews to your blog.

To start with this money making concept you must have branding of your blog like better Alexa Rank, Page Rank, Domain Authority and Powerful social signals. I can’t stop myself saying it again that take a break from your writing process, and start promoting and improving your blog.

You can Sign up to sites like SponsoredReviews, ReviewMe, PostJoint to grab some sponsored review opportunities.
Start Providing Your Own Services
Providing your own services to your readers can add more money to your bank with no time. Believe me, I have found this one of the best ways to make money online. Start your own services that can help to your readers. Convert them into your clients and make more possible money. You can see my blog as an example. Currently I’m offering two services to my readers:SEO Services and Free WordPress Installation Service.

Thursday, 21 November 2013

Content Optimization Tips To Make Blog Posts Effective

Creating quality and useful content for your readers is the most important factor that will decide your blogging career. You may be good at content marketing, but you will hardly see any growth unless there is something compelling to your readers.

Social media has emerged as the best marketing tool where your articles can go viral, bring thousands of traffic, give you loyal readers for lifetime, or increase your email subscriber lists. But none-of-these is  possible without quality.

By Optimizing content, I mean the optimization for both your readers and search engines. In this post, I am gonna give a detailed description for optimizing your content. You may write an awesome article, but if its not discoverable in search engines, you are missing a good amount of traffic.

1# Create fresh and quality contents: 

Give your readers something new every time they visit your blog. Update often and give importance to latest trends and news and updates regarding your niche.

2# Focus on your topic:

 If your are writing about traffic tips, stay focused on that topic. Provide in depth and detailed information to cover that topic. The visitors will soon leave once they find anything unrelated to the subject. You can make use of images and videos to make your subject more clear and enjoyable.

You can sub-divide your contents in paragraphs under different sub heading names.

3# Avoid errors: 

Give your readers an easy to understand article with no spelling or grammatical errors. You are loosing your credibility by such small errors.

4# *Important* Do not write for search engine:

 Optimizing your content for search engines is different from writing for search engines. Keep it in mind. Inserting various unnecessary keywords intended primarily to attain higher search engine ranking may annoy your readers. If you don’t how to use keywords in blog posts then I must recommend you to read this post: How To Add Keywords in Blog Posts For Optimization?

Anchor Text to optimize your content

Anchor text are clickable texts that points to a link. The format is <a href=”#”>Your text</a>. It will simply show “Your text” pointing to the link mentioned instead of #. This text tells the users and search engines about the content you are linking.

There are two types of linking - Internal and External linking. Internal linking is pointing to a page of your own website. The main advantage of internal linking is that you keep on engaging your readers. Visitors who comes to your blog will most likely read the article and leave unless you provide something more to read. By doing internal linking, you are giving them options – options to discover more content of your blog. Moreover, Internal linking will help search engines crawlers to index your pages fast and they even help in improving search engine rankings.

With appropriate anchor text, users and search engines can easily guess what the linked page is all about.

Common practices for Anchor text linking

Choose a suitable phrase to represent an anchor text instead of a word or two.
Avoid long anchor texts
Avoid keyword stuffing
The best practice is to put the title of an article in the anchor text, since most likely you have put the best phrase in your title.

Image Optimization and importance of Alt text

Image optimization includes optimizing your images for both your readers and search engines. Google image search can bring you a lots of traffic if you optimize you images accordingly.

Read: 6 Tips To Optimize Images For SEO

Let understand what is Alt text and why it is important?

Alt text is simply the alternative text that tells the search engines about the images. Search engines can’t really guess what an image is all about. They are completely blind to non-text multimedia information.

The importance of Alt text lies in the fact that if due to any reason, the image do not loads completely in the visitor’s browser, the alt text will be displayed instead of images and tells your visitors what is the image all about.

Optimizing alt text

The best practice is to put your best keywords in the alt text keeping in mind the context of images.
Provide a short descriptive text as alt text instead of a word.
If you are using your image as a link, its the Alt text that will work as Anchor text.
Read here: Add Title and Alt Attribute To Optimize Images For SEO
Final Words!

These are the basic steps towards optimizing your contents. Optimization is not limited to keyword research only. Your content includes all your text and images and its the overall optimization that will drive more traffic to your blog.

Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Secret Formulas for Writing Quality Content To Stand Out Real High

Write Killer Content

There are many things out there one should do as a blogger. Success of a blogger depends upon the frequency of hard work and value of each minute process. But, providing informative content is the key to stand out in the Blog-O-Sphere with your heads up. People visit our blogs to read the content we roll out mostly

Let’s see how you can write quality articles on your blog.. So, roll up your sleeves and get ready for some action.
Quality Content! Awesome Content and Killer Content! You’ve heard them all and you’ve said them all. Well, do you really know what Quality Content is? Pause here for a moment and think!

Have you come up with a description? Is it – “Awesome Content that forces other people to share“? Did you guessed that? Wow, I can’t believe you actually did! Because that’s not what I really meant. Sorry if I’ve hurt your mini feelings.

Quality Content is the type of content that are written successfully with an intention of making each fragments and it’s goals much more rich in quality. If you were to write a post with an intention to solve a problem, the post must do more than that. It must even teach them more about it. And, if the posts are meant to target a specific keyword on Search Engines, it must be well optimized and must be listed in the top results in the end.
So, a quality content should be a perfect on it’s intention. Let me make it more clear to you.
Consider that you’re writing an article on body building tips. The post must be;

1# Write Magnetic Titles

Titles are the door to blog posts on the big sphere. It’s that single factor which creates a decision in the user’s mind – whether to read it or not. The title must be optimized with the keyword for Search Engines and it must be magnetic with a force to make the user’s convert themselves into readers.

Also Read: Killer Tips To Convert Visitors into Readers
Take a look at this title for example. The main keyword is “Writing Quality Content” and I’ve wrapped it with magnetism.

2# On the exact topic

Never ever try to throw out the readers out from the reason why they are on your articles. Write relevant content. Try to speak more from your heart and include your own experiences in the post. Trust me, people like to hear experiences.

3# Satisfying

Once they’ve reached your article, they shouldn’t leave your blog without acquiring anything. You must satisfy them with the main intention and try to help them even more on the topic.

4# Well optimized for Search Engines

Make sure you do proper keyword research, on-page optimization and off-page optimization to your content. It must rank well for the respected queries. So, make sure you do your Search Engine Optimization tactics wisely.

5# Well written

Must be written in a way that gets quickly digested. Who would want to read from your blog if they are written in such a way which make them say “Yuck”? So improve your writing skills and write like hell when you publish articles on your blog.

6# Visually amazing

Pictures does really speak thousands of words. So why don’t you speak out much more words by making good use of images on your posts? Add awesome images on your content which are related to the topic. It’ll give an idea of what the post is about and it’ll give the readers a much more user experience.

Thursday, 3 October 2013

How To Drive Traffic To Your Website With Facebook Images?

There are millions of fan pages on facebook related to thousands of niches and all of them are not succeed to drive traffic to a blog or website. Bloggers (me too ) used to put posts links there only to update the fan page.But do you think, only updating the page will help you to succeed in your goal of getting traffic from facebook? If you think yes, then sorry to hurt your feelings. This is not the job done. You have to learn some facebook marketing skills that can bring more ways to increase website traffic

While working on my facebook fan page, I come to know about a hidden trick that can increase visitors to our blog. Let’s learn what’s the special today.

Increase Visitors To Your Blog

Without taking your too much time, let’s directly come to the topic. In one of my earlier posts about getting traffic from Google Plus, I mentioned that how posting images is helpful to attract wider audience. This concept works everywhere either you are sharing images on Google plus, facebook or any other platform where you can share your stuffs.

You just need to post such images on your facebook fan page for which you can get decent shares. Let’s see how posting images will help you to get visitors to your website.

Step-by-Step Tutorial

Below are some easy to follow steps that we need to take in action. Follow them and see how easily you can learn how to get more website traffic.
Select an image that relates to your niche. Funny or humor related images works great.
Post them on your facebook fan page by writing up a cool description.
Remember: Not to put any link there. It’s not the correct time to promote links . Just Wait! We’ll do it later
Try to get maximum shares, likes and comments on that post as much as possible. Do everything that you can do to promote that image. Ask your friends to share it and leave a comment. This way you can get maximum shares. The maximum shares you get, the chances will higher to get more traffic to your blog.
Increase Traffic To Your Blog Using Unverified Subscriber

Once you get enough shares, it’s time to play for our own benefit. Simply click on the image and choose Edit from the right side options.

Receive Facebook Traffic
Now smartly add your blog post link in the description that highly relates to that image. (Matching post will give you more traffic) and press Done Editing button.

Increase Site Visitors
After saving the changes, your link will start appearing to each person’s timeline who had shared your image. That means, now your link will also appear to their friends and chances are higher to get more readers. (Free promotion)

Tuesday, 17 September 2013

6 Steps To Make Money Through Youtube Partner Program

The trend for video marketing is growing day by day. People have started referring to video channels to seek information. Since the trend is improving, so the chances for making big bucks. If you are looking forward to earn through Youtube, here is your guide to! These steps will help you create a money making platform on the most preferred video marketing website, Youtube!

1. Setup Your YouTube Account

The first step is to create an account on Youtube. You can also sign up using your Facebook or Gmail ID. Choose either of the way to sign and get started with it. On signing up, you’ll need to fill a small form containing set of questions. Fill the form carefully and make sure you only use a genuine email ID to sign up. This email ID will work as your username. If you already have an account on Youtube, stick to it only and make some relevant modifications as per your needs.

2. Add Content

This is the most important part of creating money making channel on Youtube. You should be consistent and unique while posting contents. Try to upload only high quality content, but make sure it is not to lengthy. People do not like lingering on to one video for long. Basically, no one has enough time in this fast-moving world. So keep it relevant, unique, short and interesting. Also make sure you use a better camera and sound quality. The video should not be blurred or broken. It is better to use Tripod for maximum stability.

3. Gain Audience

Engage your viewers and keep posting interesting content. You can organize contests and various gigs to keep your viewers engaged. The description part beneath your video has a great relevance in attracting audiences. Make sure you use interesting and enticing phrases to describe your videos.

4. Become A YouTube Partner

In order to become a YouTube partner, you need to work very hard and make some special efforts. Although this opportunity is available for everyone, it is still better if you apply after crossing some margin of subscribers. You also have a better chance if you have been consistently providing good quality content to a decent sized audience. YouTube keeps looking for certain channels where they can flash advertisements. This not only makes money for them, but also gives you chance to earn some good money through these advertisements.

5. Setup Google Adsense

We all know the benefits of Google Adsense, and Youtube let you avail them at an extra cost. Now, we can choose Google Adsense for Youtube Videos Monetization too.

Sign up for Google Adsense account and provide your banking details as well as other information. Google uses this information to verify your credentials and to make sure the money is being sent at the right address. You earn money for each click and views made through your affiliate links.

6. Market Your Videos

It is always advised to share your videos on other social networking platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus etc which will help you to increase the audience. The more views you get, the better you earn!

Thursday, 5 September 2013

Summer Style Templates

Summer Style

SummerStyle is a blogger template with 2 columns, right sidebar, footer columns, slideshow, social bookmarking icons and vectorial elements.Excellent layout for blogs about animals, nature or travel.


Virtuale is a blogger template with 2 columns, right sidebar, ads ready, slideshow, social bookmarking icons, posts thumbnails, tabs, drop down menu and vectorial elements.Excellent layout for blogs about any general topic.

Monday, 26 August 2013

Types of Web Hosting for Every Blogger

Web Hosting Services
What is the very first thing a new blogger has to do before he starts his blog? Assuming he has already bought domain, of course.
Choosing a theme? Picking between WordPress and MovableType? Writing epic stuffs?
Nope. None of that. Sure, you could do any or all of them first but without having a web hosting service, nothing you do will matter. Why? Because you don’t start buying furnitures or hire an interior decorator before you buy a house.
Now you could pick any hosting service that comes up on your search. You could ask your friends. Or you could just go with the company a blogger you read is recommending (*cough* affiliates *cough*). But does it guarantee that you will be in good hands?
You see, a good hosting service is very important. For every successful blog, there is always a reliable hosting service behind it. Ask Copyblogger, Problogger or any top names in blogging world and they will confirm this. Why? Because your blog simply won’t survive on a bad hosting.
But then picking a hosting service is not easy. We get it. There are several kind of hosting, and there are hundreds of hosting firms out there. It’s like walking in a maze with eyes closed for starters.

Choose Best Web Hosting Service

So, here are rundown of hosting services, and reasons why you should be choosing any of them.

Shared Hosting

This is typically the most affordable option and most popular too. Guess price tag and popularity go hand in hand. Shared hosting will put your website on same server with a lot of other websites. Don’t worry. The servers are powerful enough to handle a few hundred websites on it. Hopefully. If your web hosting company is a good one, of course. Shady ones will use low-grade hardware and try to squeeze out every juice out of it. Stay away from them.
This is where you start if you are just starting out. Sure it won’t be ideal if your blog is getting loads of traffic but for most starting blogs, it will suffice. There are a lot of affordable but good hosting services out there. What you should prioritize here is in good customer support, uptime guarantee and money back guarantee. Not on imaginary “unlimited” bandwidth and storage space. Minimum 500MB storage and around 10GB bandwidthwill be plenty for any kind of starting blogs. You can easily search good ones using hosting services comparison tool on You can easily get one in the range of $4 ~ $8 a month range.

Cloud Hosting

Now we hear this term a lot in recent years. But it is not some magical new platform. It is just a new way of structuring infrastructure and using virtualization and other technologies to deliver hosting service that is so much more redundant and has better uptime. Now you see, if you didn’t understand what was just said, chances are, you don’t need cloud hosting yet. Plus, most companies offering “cloud hosting” are actually offering glorified shared hosting anyway. Some of them are legit though, since they use same technologies to build cloud platforms to deliver shared hosting services to you. But the term cloud hosting is so loosely used all over that it can cover from shared hosting type to VPS type.
This is for you if you want more redundancy, better uptime, better load balancing and perhaps access to resources like hosting your blog on one web server, store your blog’s data on separate database servers, and so on. This is higher end level of cloud hosting. If you really want shared hosting level of cloud hosting, you might want to look into MediaTemple and Site5.

Virtual Private Server Hosting

Virtual Private Server (VPS) gives you a lot more control than shared hosting. Basically, virtualization technologies are used to create virtual servers on a powerful physical server hardware, and you get complete access to one (or more, if you are paying) VPS. Complete control, it’s all yours. With such control comes responsibility. You are fully responsible to manage your server, including security updates, deploying whatever server software on it and everything that has to do with managing a server. You could buy managed VPS solutions though, which comes with a sysadmin that will manage your VPS. At a price tag, of course, you can do a lot of things with a VPS. The same things you could do with a dedicated server to yourself, but at much lesser cost.
If your blog is getting a lot of traffic and shared hosting services aren’t cutting it anymore, this is your option. You will have access to powerful system resources (gigabytes of RAM, dedicated processing power and all that), a lot more dedicated bandwidth and storage, and no other websites gnawing at your precious system resources. It is also a lot easier on your wallet too.

Dedicated Servers

The ultimate of hosting solutions. You will get the whole physical server hardware to all yourself. No hundreds of other websites or even a few VPS sharing the resources of one hardware. You get everything to yourself. Just like VPS, it also comes with huge responsibility for you. You can either manage it yourself, hire someone or get managed dedicated server hosting from companies that provide such service. The pricing varies depending on if you are getting managed or unmanaged, and what kind of hardware you are looking for. Entry level servers are pretty affordable and you can even get them under $100. But then, you can get similar kind of system resources on a VPS for around $50 or so. If you are going dedicated, then your need better call for good hardware. And when you use good hardware, you won’t regret your decision. You can either rent the existing setups from hosting companies or with some, you can even customize the hardware to your heart’s content.
Your blog is going to be really big (think Problogger and Copyblogger level) and famous if you are looking into dedicated servers. They can handle a lot of traffic and a lot of loading stress. Comes with a proper price tag too. But if you are not experienced in managing a server, we suggest getting a managed solution since your inexperience might lead to bad security practices which in turn lead to being hacked.

Sunday, 18 August 2013

Italian Food

Italian Food

Italian Food is a blogger template with 2 columns, right sidebar, footer columns, slideshow, social bookmarking icons, posts thumbnails and gradients.Excellent layout for blogs about food and drink.


Zylyz is a blogger template with 2 columns, right sidebar, footer columns, slideshow, posts thumbnails and vectorial elements.Excellent layout for blogs about girls or nature.

Thursday, 1 August 2013

Easy Steps to Stop Spam Comments in Blogger

Prevent Spam Comments

Blog commenting, no doubt, is one of the best ways to build links for our blog.
And due to this reason, many newbie bloggers, who have no proper knowledge of blog commenting, start adding links in their comment body and leave low quality or spam comments on our blog.
These type of activities on our blog not only harass us but also consume our precious time to delete those unwanted comments.
I would like to convey a message to all newbies that adding links in comment body is not a good idea.
If you are curious to build backlinks for your blog via blog commenting, then you must leave your valuable comments onCommentLuv and KeywordLuv enabled blogs.
If you are really keen to build genuine and dofollow backlinks, then instead of leaving spam comments, try to invest your time and energy in writing posts for guest blogging. Check below guide to learn about guest blogging and its benefits.
Now, let’s back to the topic. We were discussing about preventing blog from spam comments.
When we talk about preventing blog from unwanted comments, the first thing comes in our mind is Moderation.
We can set our comments on moderation before they start appearing on our posts. But moderation is not actually the best option. Why?
Our blog commenting system should be easy and clean. I saw many blogs using captchas and moderation in their comments to stop spamming that makes commenting system weirder to use.
Our readers give their time to comment on our posts, so we must provide them easy to use commenting system that looks clean also.
This is a fact that our readers interact with us mostly on new posts as compare to old posts. That’s why I am using moderation only on older posts but not on my newer posts.
Doing this helps me in many ways like:
  1. Stop spam comments from auto publish.
  2. Only quality comments get approval.
  3. New posts are free from moderation that improves reader’s engagement on my blog.
  4. Newly published posts get maximum comments as clean and easy to use commenting system.
  5. Comments on new blog posts get published instantly that makes readers more active on my blog.
  6. I keep checking my new posts to reply the comments and if I found any spam comment, I remove it instantly with single click.
Do you want to use same technique on your blog? It’s too easy. Just follow below steps to make your blogger blog free from spam comments.
Prevent Spam Commenting In Blogger
  1. Navigate to you Blogger blog > Settings > Posts and comments.
  2. In Comment Moderation settings under Comments section, choose Sometimes.
  3. Enter number of days in the text field. Like if you want to set moderation on posts which are older than 1 day, then type 1.
    You can choose number of days according to your choice.
  4. Now click on Save Settings button from the top right corner.
Blogger Comments Setting
These were the three easy steps to make your blog clean from spam comments. Now you can approve those comments which you found valuable for your blog and for readers as well.

Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Blogging Capsules To Increase Google Adsense Earnings

I am blogging with this blog from past approx 5 months and what I learn in these passing days to increase my Adsense income is that I was missing great revenue by not doing effective blogging.
Effective blogging means smart blogging that makes us good money in our pocket. There are lots of ways to increase our Google Adsense Earnings shared by various bloggers. I tried all those ways but not get result that gives me reason to bring naughty smile on my face. Less CTR (Click Through Rate) and poor CPC (Click Per Cost) both are the responsible for our headache.

  • How to deal with them?
  • How to increase CTR and CPC to boost Adsense revenue?

This is the question that gives deep pain to our blogging efforts.

Today I’m feeling as a doctor who has tasty capsules to get relief from this pain. Do you want to get these capsules? Absolutely yes! Right?

But let me confirm you one thing. These capsules are not free of cost. You have to pay for them and the charge for these capsules is your hardwork.


psule 1# – Guest Blogging

Have you ever thought how guest blogging can help us to increase Google Adsense earnings?

Then seriously you should try it once and I’m damn sure that you’ll love it.

How Guest Blogging is Effective for More Earnings?
You are thinking about this. Right? You naughty guys, always ready with genuine questions. But I have some cool answers to deal with your all questions.

When we write post for big blogs, our post get published and promoted among the wider and smart audience. We get new targeted audience to our blog that increase chances of getting clicks on our advertisements. Here we get the victory against the low CTR.

Getting traffic from different blog and audience also increase chances to get traffic from UK, US countries that give us high CPC with clicks on our ads.
I think now you got my point why I’m calling Guest Blogging a super capsule to get relief from low Adsense earnings.

Capsule 2# – Keywords Selection With A Little Trick

We all know that choosing high paying keywords is the key of success.
  • How you’ll beat your competitors?
  • How you’ll get high ranking on those keywords to get maximum clicks?

Probably you may have no answer. If you really have the answer, then hats off to you.

But if you are really in thought to find answers of these questions, then I’m here to reveal the little trick.

If you are not getting high rankings, then choose low competitive keywords to get possibly the higher rankings. Target those keywords and build some quality backlinks. You can easily rank higher in search results with those low competitive keywords.

Now, we take tricky part in action. Choose some really high paying keywords matching to your content and spread them smartly in any of your paragraph in the article. Place Google Ads directly near to that paragraph. Doing so, you’ll get high paying advertisements possible matching to your keywords.

I do an experiment to check is this trick works or not and I got shocked with the results. Below is the screenshot of the advertisement that really match with the keyword in the paragraph near to that advertisement.

Saturday, 27 July 2013

Valor Templates


Valor is a blogger template with 2 columns, right sidebar, footer columns, slideshow and posts thumbnails.Excellent layout for blogs about games.


Gaming is a blogger template with 2 columns, right sidebar, footer columns, slideshow, social bookmarking icons, posts thumbnails, tabs and drop down menu.Excellent layout for blogs about games.

Wednesday, 24 July 2013

5 Biggest Blunders That Will Kill Your Online Business

online business-failure

You might have often heard how different people’s businesses are facing failure by each surpassing day even after spending lots of money. Although the owners try everything that can save their online business, few do not get enough results.
Do you have ever wonder what went wrong with these online businesses?
Online business is like an ocean, few businessmen get pearls from it and few sink in its depth. From this post you will learn about the mistakes that can kill your online business.
So here are the five great blunders that if done may destroy your online business.

1# No Bloody Dedication

The moment you started an online business, you stepped into the vast world of marketing procedure. Your site will define the product.
Some of the mistakes that may kill your business
  • If you are not confident about your product, no one in hell is going to be.
  • Whining and crying that how Mr. Bill and Mr. Mark are billionaires and I am just a no-body. “How the hell am I gonna compete with them?“, isn’t going to help at all.
  • Being a stranger to your own site and not posting for days.
  • Blaming Mr. What’s-his-name customer for your crappy position.
  • No up-grades and no new products for years.
  • “How have I end up here in this business, I should have done something else”. This is the most hazardous mentality that may destroy your career forever.

2# Being Unprofessional

Your site is the only link between product and customer. Nobody is going to give a crap about how great your product is unless you maintain a clean and organized site.
It’s too easy to build an online business with the help of and some $30-40 for outsourcing from the lowest bidder, some freelance graphics guy can also be hired, even better use some clip art. VistaPrint may help you with business cards.
All in all you are set with your business for $40-50.
No judgment but here are few problems
  • Unclean site.
  • Repulsive graphics.
  • Downright cheap.
  • Thoroughly unprofessional.
  • Unknown in market.
You want to be big ….go big. You can’t expect big dollars if you chain up your wallet. Needless to say you don’t need to take a loan for that. Just do enough and maintain a clean, organized, attractive and professional site.

3# Problem in your Niche

Analyzing the market to find those group of people who are meant for your site. Niche is the activity or situation best suited for a person’s interests.
Tips that may help in understanding the problem:
  • Success in marketing lies in narrowing down your niche. One product cannot be for every market.
  • Whacking up broad market is never a good option.
  • Narrowing down my queries to one question whose answer and solution is best known to me.

4# Losing Customers

It takes hard labor to capture the attention of any customer. Once found, it’s a shame to lose them.
Being in online marketing business you’ve got just one shot at your customer. Some wanderer buyer visits the site, scoops around, learns about exciting offers, reads articles and makes a note in his mind to come back again. Let me tell you once he is out, he stays out. He most certainly forgets your URL, then finds an alternative site.
Here you not only lose that potential customer but also all those referrals he would have made.
Here are a few ways to keep them intact:
  • Offer them free articles or e-books in return for their details.
  • Free gifts or discounts on registration.
  • Use MailChimp which for 500 subscribers is free.
  • Trending in social networking sites and keeping a record of those people who “Like” your site and tracking them online.

5# What’s the need for planning?

“I am a small-time business man. I have designed my site well. Now planning is for Mr. Billand Mr. Mark like businessmen. We work on instincts not planning ahead to keep things simple, huh”.
You are terribly mistaken brother. Planning ahead for the long term is as important as your business. Many questions arise if a business is not planned. Some simple ones are as follows:
  • What is my goal?
  • How would I reach it?
  • What procedures must I apply to get there?
  • What are my expectations?
  • How in hell will I know when I have reached it?
  • What market should I aim at?
  • What makes me unique?

Monday, 22 July 2013

Animated Blooming Flower

Hear are some Animated Blooming Flower for website and bogs....... ...

Friday, 19 July 2013

Sunshine Templates


Sunshine is a blogger template with 3 columns and left sidebar.Excellent layout for blogs about fantasy, photography or travel.

Design Blog

Design Blog is a blogger template with 2 columns, right sidebar, rounded corners and geometric motifs.Excellent layout for blogs about art or fantasy.

Art Imagination

Art Imagination is a  blogger template with 3 columns, right sidebar, floral motifs, gradients and vectorial elements.Excellent layout for blogs about art, fantasy or girls.


Astro is a blogger template with 2 columns and right sidebar.Excellent layout for blogs about fantasy, internet or a diary.

Wednesday, 17 July 2013

3D Butterfly wallpapers

Hear are some Beautiful butterfly Wallpapers for website and bogs....... .. 

Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Increase Your Blog Followers Using Email Subscribers

Increase Blog Followers
Blog followers are the real and royal readers of our blog. They follow the blog to get updates and to be in touch with it. Readers can join our blog in many forms like by liking our facebook page, subscribe to blog feeds, follow us on twitter etc. But there is also a great option for our readers to join or follow our blog that is Google Friend Connect follow widget. You may surely notice this widget installed on many big blogs because it has many benefits. In today's tutorial we'll discuss about how to increase blogger followers. So, lets start the tutorial.

Advantages Of Google Friend Connect

Before we start this tutorial, you may want to know why it's important to increase GFC followers. What are the benefits of adding this widget in our blog? Then continue reading.

I'm not going to tell you the list of benefits. You just need to know a solid reason why it's actually important.

Google Friend Connect widget play best role to increase traffic to our blog. How?

When someone follows our blog using this widget, then our latest published posts start to appear in his/her blogger dashboard under Reading List like below:

Blog Followers

So, there are major chances to get traffic from them. Every time we publish a new post, it will start to appear in our follower's dashboard and they can easily click on those links to read our posts.

In that way we can maintain solid readership around our blog. I think it's enough about GFC benefits and we should move on to our tutorial.

Increase Followers to Your Blog

There are lot of tips and tricks shared by other bloggers to increase followers of a blog. I'm not going to share those methods here. In this tutorial I'll tell you how you can increase your blog followers by using your blog subscribers. Yes you heard it right. If you have large number of Email subscribers to your blog, then you can easily make them your followers too. How? Let see.

  1. Follow steps #1 to #5 of below mentioned post.

  2. Now open that downloaded file and pick up the Email addresses of all of your subscribers.

  3. Keep them save, we'll use them later.

  4. Now click on Join this site button at the top of GFC widget.

  5. join this site

  6. Sign in with any of your accounts mentioned there.

  7. Google Friend Connect Login

  8. Once your sign in, click on Options and choose Invite friends.

  9. invite friends

  10. Now copy the entire list of email addresses which we save in step #3 and paste it into Add recipients box. You can write your own message there which will appear at the end of default message.

  11. invite by email
  12. Now click on Send invitations button.

  13. You are done!

Monday, 15 July 2013

Animated Rain Wallpaper

Hear are some Rain wallpaper for website and bogs.......