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Sunday, 14 December 2014

8 Free Google Keyword Rank Checker Tools

Keyword in SEO means is a search term that is relevant to a website’s product or services it offers.

For example “dietician” for a website whose owner is involved in giving tips on weight loss. And Keyword ranking in that sense is number and position the website of the owner appears at the Google search results for that word.

Keyword rank checking is the most common practice done by SEO personnel and bloggers in order to check if they are appearing on the Google search results for the query they want to appear for.

If they are ranking then at which number is it? Rank checking also helps in knowing who your competitor is on the SERPs (Search engine Ranking Pages). And it is then that you can plan to outdo him.

There are a number of tools to check Google keyword rankings. In this post we will concentrate on how to easily and quickly check your rankings.

Back in 2007, Google’s VP of engineering, UdiMaber, called for a stir in the SEO industry,when he said that there were about 20-25% of the search queries that they had never seen before that day.

This was perhaps due to the fact that queries are naturally getting longer, with over half of search queries in 2010, being longer than 4 words.

However in real practice, unlike backlink analysis, it is practically impossible to tell about all the keywords your site ranks for. Google has a complicated and sophisticated analytics and the amount of data it handles everyday leaves no room for the speculations on the topic “for what all keywords is my site ranking”.
We will today discuss about Google keywords ranking checker tools. The below mentioned tools provide you with information on your rankings in the SERPs based on your keywords used. Here are some free (as well as paid) and quick tools to check your rankings.

Google Keyword Position Checker Tools

1) SEO SERP Workbench:

SEO serp workbench is a chrome extension so you don’t have to worry about offline software that might face no updates. SSW is used by bloggers and professionals alike to know their search engine rankings of the keywords. It is downloaded over 79K times which shows how useful people find it.

It supports many countries like US, UK and others and you can select a keyword and find the rankings of your site as well as your competitor’s site through the extension.

You can download and use it for instant comparisons and rank analysis and did I mention is it free?

2) SEO scores Android app:

This one android app makes the desktop users jealous for sure. It is a complete SEO toolkit with nearly 32 SEO tools packed into one. It gives you a score on your ranking, alerts you on blog mentions, gives backlink analysis and helps in backlink comparison and a lot more.
If you have an android set you won’t need tools ever, just install this app and you are set to go.

Here is the process of getting started:

Download the app from the app store > install > restart > add keywords and check rankings: it is as simple as that.

You don’t need to enter the URL again and again which is a time saver as we are using a mobile device. The report is mailed to your email id which is another goodie as you don’t have to export the data manually. This “export” feature is something so useful because most desktop clients don’tprovide.

3) Small SEO tools:

Small SEO tools have a big name when it comes to doing SEO sleekly and without much hassle. Mainly it is used for various other purposes like the backlink checker tool.
Its function as a keyword rank tracing tool is very fast and allows upto 20 keyword tracing per request. It supports three search engine visually Google, Bing and Yahoo.

4) Moonsy’s Google Position checker:

Moonsy has a very sleek feature. Although free it is a powerful tool that lets you check your ranks as well as a competitor rank analysis itself. What else could you ask for a rank checker tool?

Why Moonsy is something most bloggers go for is its clean search page with the coveted functionality to add more than one domains for testing the same ranks of the same keyword.
Using this you can also add your competitor’s site to compare how rankings have been working for you both.

5) Rank Checker

Rank Checker is a Firefox extension by SEObook, which is claimed to be open source and secure. By secure I here mean that your data is not exported to any SEO company which can manipulate it to their profit. The extension is completely hosted on your PC and tracks keyword rankings easily.

If you have Google account logged in, you can get personalized report on rankings but there is also an option to turn it off in order to see how you rank for keywords in the search engines in general.

If you want to validate your ranking shown, you can scroll over the number, press CTRL and clicking the mouse simultaneously. They also have “export as .csv” feature in the extension.
6) Keyword Rank checker by is another free tool that is the best when you are doing searches that are based on countries. It has a locality based rank tracker and has upto 100 country supports.

7) SEO Centro:

SEO centro is a SEO based web portal like the small seo tools and Moonsy. It provides a detailed analysis of your keyword ranking based on three search engines viz., Google, Bing and Yahoo. It supports tracking competitor websites simultaneously too.

8) SEMRush

SEMrush is a great SEO tool and can be used for a variety of purposes. I recommend SEMrush to be there at every blogger’s tool list because it helps a lot in the SEO analysis. Apart from backlink analysis, keyword research and others, we can also do competitor analysis. Read thisSEMrush review for detailed guide.

On SEMrush you enter the URL of the competitor and you get a bunch of information about the site. In the context of the post, we will concentrate on the keyword page. It gives the top hundred keywords the site is ranking for along with the keyword ranking, CPC and others like traffic percentage.

This will help you in knowing how your competitor is ranked and what about the chances of your ranking. Suppose it does not have optimized content or a low domain authority blog is ranking for something, you can cruelly snatch that ranking for you with little effort

Friday, 14 November 2014

10 Ways To Cleverly Get Natural Backlinks To Your Blog

Basically organic backlinks are the ones that are naturally created by the sites, social profiles and blogs that refer to your site just because it has great and complete content on a topic and include a link back to your site as a reference or citation.One of the greatest examples of a site with huge natural or organic backlinks is Wikipediawhich enjoys huge love from search engines like Google and Bing. Wikipedia has content that the general world refers to and enjoys a domain authority of 100 (a rare feat) by open site explorer.

Advantage of organic backlinks:
  1. Organic backlinks help you to get thumbs up by search engines.
  2. This is a good way to getting known to the audience of a site that you have no access to.
  3. Eventually it will increase your credibility in your niche and help you in getting known as an authority figure (just remember it doesn’t happen overnight).
Getting natural or organic backlink is something you earn so your efforts have to be phenomenal and so luring that linking back is achieved without having to pay or ask someone. Here are the methods to get quality organic backlinks.

1) Write great and epic content:

Remember Wikipedia above, the single reason for people and sites including blogs linking to it is that, it has content that is rare to find elsewhere. Similarly your blog’s content has to be detailed and complete. We have to also keep in mind that detailed and complete posts need not be lengthy always.
Matt Cutts talks about organic link building in his video “Is there such a thing as building too many links“.

2) Get a “Link to us page” or section:

If you have content worth linking to, there is no harm in making an appeal to your readers to link to your content. This can be done with CTA or call to action buttons or mere providing with banners and HTML codes that when a reader uses on his site automatically links back to yours.

3) By networking and getting seen in places with potential readers (read linkers).

a) Conferences, live events and press events:

These are the best places to hangout in if you want to get noticed. Remember blogging is all about exposure. Building connections can help you in getting more friends and eventually they will introduce you to their audiences. This way you are sure to create some real meaty organic links.

b) Forums:

Forums had been the go to places for all sorts of building connections and link backs to your sites pretty some time back. But after the advent of social media forums have been in the backstage though forum marketing still works if you do it smart.
How to get started with forums: Conduct a Google search with “your keyword or niche” + “forum” or you can use boardreader too. Once you have access to a community check if they allow signatures or not (because these are the places you will put your links on). If they provide join them. Write some quality topics and contribute before attaching a signature right away.

c) Q & A based sites:

Sites like yahoo answers have great value when building quality and free backlinks are concerned, provided you give quality service to their reader community. Quora is another one that has achieved great success.

4) Social media sites:

Social media sites also allow you to put links in your BIO section and have a great value as far as SERPs are concerned.
Twitter: Twitter offers to add a number of links in your BIO section provided they are limited to 140 characters. Try not adding more than three or else it might appear spammy.
Facebook: Facebook personal profile as well as pages has a huge potential for adding links to sites that you own.
Google Plus: Google Plus has an unlimited capacity of accumulating your links the only condition being NOT to make it spammy.
Pinterest: Pinterest gives one high value backlink to your site that you have chosen to be displayed at your BIO section.
LinkedIn: LinkedIn provides an option of three backlinks to your favorite sites along with customized anchor text (though it has little or no value as far as SEO is concerned, using a wise anchor text will provide a great influx of traffic to your site).

5. Relationship Blogging,

Building relationship among fellow bloggers and with authority bloggers in your niche can have surprising benefits in creating natural backlinks. Try hanging out with them on their blog, and on their favorite social media site too. You can grab their attention by commentingon their posts, asking for a help and thanking them for a certain idea that they shared.
When it comes to thanking them, you should always approach a personal way by emailing them. The email should not be long and should be formal, saying them that their post has helped you and would love to read more topics like this.
This way you can come under their radar and you can soon build a relationship that can result in an exchange of links. I have many good blogging friends among whom is Ana Hoffman and this led me harvest a link on the much looked up to blog.

6. Release your earning report:

Releasing your earning report might not get along well with many but if you are one of them who would proudly show up the result of your hard work you can have an added benefit as well. Yes, many blogs and magazines show up reports based on top bloggers who earned the highest (can be yearly or monthly) and chances are you might get featured in those articles thus making sure a link back to your site or a post.

7. Organize a link carnival:

Many bloggers and pro bloggers conduct a weekly or monthly link carnival or thankful posts in which they place an excerpt of famous bloggers’ (or their friends) posts that has been written within that time period. This is an exceptional way to show your love and build connection with an additional advantage of building high quality backlinks too. 

8. By giving Interviews and conducing them too.

Interviews are the best way to build relationship with pro bloggers. Interview posts generate huge readership, especially if the interviewee is someone very authoritative in the field. For taking interviews of such personalities you have to first build a rapport with them (check the previous two points for knowing how). If you succeed to entice a figure well known in the niche you are not only getting a chance of hijacking some of his readers, but also ensuring a link back from his blog.
And if you want yourself to be interviewed you have to first build a solid track record and then help your fellow bloggers and juniors selflessly. This way they will come to know you and might get interested in publishing your interview. You can easily ask for two three do follow backlinks as you might seem right.

9. Create a unique and helpful tool that comes handy for your industry

If you are good at technical aspect of something or may be simply the skills like HTML or programming knowledge why not leverages that into something that would earn you tremendous organic backlinks that are Google safe.
See here the page It’s a single page website offering a great tool and has 20K+ visitors and alexa rank 26K. This type of tolls in your website (although as a PAGE) can help them get linked when users write a topic related to them or on resource pages of websites like mine.

10. Conduct a Massive blogger outreach and a post on what they say on a topic.

Conduct a post on the opinion of a number of influential bloggers on a topic and put up that post. After making the post live don’t hesitate to forward the post link to the members included in the post. Most will feel happy to share them across their audience and chances are some might even link them to their posts.

Saturday, 11 October 2014

How To Make Classified Website Which Makes You Money

You may think that you have no chance to compete with them, but since classified business is huge, there is always place for everyone. However, you have nearly no chance to compete with these giants, so you need to make specific websites.

Here are some tips on what sort of classifieds site you can build to be successful.
Niche – Make one for a theme. For example, one for toys, types of cars, bikes, car parts etc.
Local Listings – Create one for a city, district or for a county. Local job or real estate listings can be highly profitable.

If you build the ones above, you will have a better chance to outrank the big ones and offer more valuable service for advertisers and for the buyers.
What are the best platforms to create a classified website?

You do not have to be an expert considering that there is various software you can use. There are free and paid ones. You can find scripts which are standalone ones and there are extensions for different content management systems. No matter which you choose, you will find easy to create your classified website as in most of the cases these tools include all the functions you will need,and you will only need to learn how to use them effectively.

I think, the best solutions are WordPress classified themes or plugins. If you have ever used WordPress, you know how flexible and user friendly it is. A classified theme is an out of the box solution. You only need to install the theme, and it turns WP to a complete classified site with all the function that are necessary and with proper layout and style. Plugins are a bit harder to use as they add necessary functions, but you will need to find and customize a theme.

Here are some of the advantages of using WordPress themes.
Easy installation, members and ads management.
Users have their own panel where they can add, remove or modify their advertisements.
Paypal integration to ask fees for submissions or for featured listings.
Built in SEO functions.
Integrated Google Maps
Customizable forms
Auto expire listings
Blog section to share related articles.
Shortcodes for easier customization.
Coupon code creation feature.
Customizable email templates.

Moreover, there are some free scripts you can use. The best ones are:
Osclass – This is an open source highly customizable script with great design.
Noahs – It is one of the most popular free software, it also has a paid version.
Almond – Not so well-known, but maybe the best for making Craigslist clone.
Open Classified – I think, this software has the best looking layout.

No matter which solutions you will use – open source PHP scripts or a premium WordPress theme – always make tests to find out if they will suit your needs and easy to use for the visitors and members. In addition, use a hosting which is reliable.
Test the submission forms if you can customize the fields.
Give a try for the members area to see how the advertisers can manage their advertisements.
See what sorts of monetization features it offers.
Check the navigation and layout to see how easy it is to use.
Test the upload functions.
Post free or paid listings.
Enables to add custom fields.
What are the best ways to get traffic?

If you build a niche or local portal and it is search engine friendly, you have a better chance that it will rank in search engines easier, but without content it is nearly impossible. In order to have content ask your friends and family to posts some ads on your site and promote it on social networking places like Facebook and Twitter. You can also get in touch with other local websites. You can also try services such as Google Adsense.

Starting an advertisement site is not easy, that is the reason most of the sites are closed after some months. You need to promote it as many places as possible continuously and most importantly never give up. Once you have many listings, you will get more organic traffic.
How to make money from classified ads website?

The first thing you have to understand is that you can only make money if you have traffic, so SEO and promotion is crucial to make money. On the other hand, once you have lots of traffic there are many ways you can generate income.

Some of the most commonly used methods for monetization are the following ones.
You can sell ad spaces.
Placing Google Adsense site-wide.
Ask a fee for featured listings.
Make paid plans.
Offer membership packages.

OLX Classifieds in Uganda is the best example of classified sites from where you can get a lot of ideas.

If you want to make a successful classified website you need to do many tasks, which may be time consuming, but if you do the thing properly, you can have an online business which makes you money constantly.

Thursday, 18 September 2014

Top 4 No-Nonsense Places to Share Your Blog Posts

Bloggers fails to get and attract traffic towards their blog content because they lack with the sources where to share their posts. This lack of knowledge returns in dead blog posts without any comments and social shares.
You must take care about the places and sources to share your best articles just after hitting the publish button. Below I’m listing the best places where you should share your articles to get referral traffic and quality back links too..

Best Places to Share Blog Content For Traffic

Get your blog quality articles noticed on below places:

1# Facebook Groups:

You may definitely using Facebook groups to promote your content. What I have noticed is that bloggers join too many facebook groups in sake to get more referral traffic. But it’s not true. If you join limited and quality groups, then you’ll get more productive results.
Join limited number of groups.
Target Niche related groups with maximum number of members.
Look for the active groups, joining such groups where members don’t take interest to view your posts is really a waste of time.
Limited number of group are easy to manage, you can easily be active there. First like and comment on other’s submission and then share your own links. Believe me you will get best of the best exposure towards your each posts.

2# LinkedIn Groups:

Same as facebook, LinkedIn also allow it’s users to create and join groups. It’ll be tough to share your content all the time on each places, but do share your best posts in LinkedIn groups.

Points to be notice here:
LinkedIn is full of professionals. If you share outdated or non valuable content there, then sorry to say, LinkedIn groups are not for you.
Being a group member, you must care about your activeness in the group. Don’t be hungry only to share your articles. Give value to other’s content and help them to get shared their submitted posts. Try to make a bond with them. You’ll be notice as a valuable group member and other members will love to read and share your content with their social friends
Bonus Tip: Add members from UK, US in your group if you wanna attract traffic from these countries.

3# Google Plus Communities

Almost we all have our G+ profile and Google plus page of our blog. Right?

But sharing with circle friends and page followers is not the best use of Google Plus for blog posts promotion. As facebook and linked In groups, there are many communities on Google Plus. Make use of those communities in following way:
Join Google Plus communities where there is your targeted audience.
Start hitting +1 button on their posts, comment on them and appreciate their content.
Keep patience to share your own posts, first make a friendly relationship with other members.
Once you do follow these three steps, soon your name will be notice by other members. And this should be your goal. Grab their attention and prove that you are not there only to spam community with your own links.
Once you feel that you have made a solid presence in those communities, it’s time to share your posts links.
Share your article’s links, add attractive description and use #HashTags.
Get do follow back links
+1’s to your posts
Targeted readers
Comments on posts
And many other benefits.

4# Blog Communities

Blog communities are the best places of active and targeted audience. As same as above places, you have to be active in blog communities too to get impressive results.

Below I’m listing few best communities and places for bloggers that are truly worth using for blog posts sharing.
Indi Blogger (For Indian Bloggers only)

Note: Try to make use all of them effectively. If you are already using them and have any related doubt, query or suggestion, then feel free to leave a comment. I’ll surely response to your comments.

You must take care about your activities you do there in terms to get your posts vital. For best of the best results, perform below steps:
Register for an account.
Log in to your account and fill all of your profile information.
When you are ready with the basic things, it’s time to submit links. But wait, some communities set moderation on the submitted links. To get easy approval you have to be smart there. For first time submission, do submit a post of any big blog. It’ll help you to get instant approval on your submitted links. Once your submissions start getting approval, do submit your own links.
Vote for other’s post, build relationship and get votes to your own posts.
Maximum votes will bring your posts to the homepage of these communities, means your posts will be shown to a wider audience. Hence more free and targeted traffic to your blog..

Thursday, 7 August 2014

How to Monetize A Blog Without Spending A Dime?

Google AdSense: Hands down, Google AdSense is still the most effective way to monetize a blog. But it can give you decent money once your website is getting massive traffic.

Let’s say you are getting 1,000 visits a day, you can easily expect 200$ to 300$ a month by leveraging your blog traffic. Place your GA ads wisely to get more clicks. After all, it’s all about more clicks – more money! You can follow this method to increase your Google adsense earnings.

Banner ads: If you are not interested in placing Google AdSense ads on your sites, showing banner ads is the finest way to make more money. Use Buy sell ads services to post your blog details. If your blog is receiving potential traffic, you will get many opportunities from other people to place their ads on your sites. You can contact to some big brands in your niche for direct advertisement. It’s one of the profitable method to earn from blogging.

Product reviews: I know few people who are making $100 to $500 just by publishing 2 to 3 product reviews a month on their blogs. Posting product reviews is the effective way to make money from a site. If your website has loyal readership it works like a charm. You can charge $100 to $500 per review depending on your site.

Blog services: If you are a beginner and have a passion towards selling your skills, this is definitely for you. You can sell your writing services, logo services, theme creation or plugin generation services on your blogs to make money.

The good thing about this monetization model is, you don’t need huge traffic to make more money. But you do need quality exposure from the RIGHT people to take your services. The more clients you have the more money you can generate each and every month.

Affiliate marketing: Want to make money even while you sleep? Affiliate marketing is the right choice for you then. But you do need to have some skills to sell others products on your sites. Remember no one likes to buy stuff from strangers. So according to me if you have an email list of hungry people you can make lots of money from affiliate marketing. Patience is the real key in making more money from affiliate marketing.

Sell your own products: If nothing works for you to make money online, sell your own products. It can range from selling eBooks, information products, plugins, themes etc. It totally depends on your skills. Figure out where you are good at. Are you a better writer, developer or speaker? Launch your products after analyzing your skills to maximize your revenue.

One of the best ways to make money online is to build an email list.

Email list is the way to go if you want to make decent income from your blogging efforts. Money is in the list. If you are not building an email list, you are definitely losing money on the table. Start building an email list from day one of your blogging career.

If you are wondering how to get more email subscribers, this is for you. We will discuss the effective ways to grow your email list. Let’s dive in.

Drive more traffic: No matter how good your offer is, you won’t get more email subscribers without driving quality traffic to your sites. The more traffic you have the faster you can grow your email list, it’s as simple as that. Use guest posts, blog comments, PPC ads etc. to drive more traffic to your blogs or landing pages.

Offer a freebie: If you want to quickly build an email list, give away something for free. Online readers don’t sign up to your sites just because you are building a list. They want a reason to subscribe to any newsletter. So find out your target audience and write specific reports or eBooks for them. You can also give away videos, podcasts etc. The tip here is to make sure your freebie is something worth reading.

Use a best autoresponder: I use and recommend INinbox. If you are serious about building an email list, use services like INinbox, Get Response, AWeber, Mad Mimi etc. Because email list is a business and every business needs investment. I hope you are getting me.

Use landing pages: Blog pages are a big distraction in general. If you want more conversions on your email lists, try usinglanding pages. Landing pages give less distraction to the users and they often get more conversion rates. You can use the tools like OptimizePress, Premise etc. to build landing pages.

Use effective call to actions: Don’t use the words like “subscribe” “get free updates” etc. on your websites. People are just fed up of seeing them. Use effective call to actions like “Get your freebie now” “download your report” etc. to easily convince your visitors to subscribing to your mailing lists. Be creative while creating call to actions.

Use social media sites: Social media is the powerful way to get more email leads. Social media is only growing bigger and bigger. If you are not spending quality time on engaging with others on social media, you are definitely losing many people visiting your sites. Create Facebook fan pages, be active on twitter and get in touch with other people on G+ to grow your network.

Pro tip to making money online: Before using any monetization model from above, always be sure to test every model one after the other. Don’t try to monetize your blog using all the methods that you come across online. You won’t make even a penny if you focus on every monetization method.

So what are your thoughts on monetizing a blog or website in 2014 and beyond? What are the proven methods that helped you to make money online? Please share your thoughts in the comments.

Friday, 4 July 2014

10 Clever Ways To Keep Your Old Blog Posts Alive

Revive Old Blog PostsHere are 10 simple yet crucial ways that can help in boosting your older posts for new readers:

Edit the Titles to Make Them More SEO Friendly

Go through the titles of your old posts and try altering them to make them more appealing according to trending topics and ideas. Changing the title will surely not mess up the SEO on your site as this will not change the permalink of your post. Only the display title will be changed and this will be picked up as new information by Google quickly. Read this article to find best example of creative titles.

Create an Image and Pin it on Pinterest

Pinterest is a great way for bloggers to generate traffic on their blog. It often happens that we tend to pin only one of the multiple images from one post on our site. So, pick the pictures which have not been pinned initially and pin them afresh to attract fresh traffic.
Pinterest (if used wisely) can help your blog to become super successful.

Don’t know how? Click here to know.

More than that, Pinterest also bless its users with lots of free targeted traffic.

I highly recommend you to follow these 7 smart tips in order to attract flood of traffic to your blog.

Link Old posts to New Ones

As we all know, internal link building is the key to strong SEO and at the same time user-friendly too. So, link your new posts with similar ideas to the relevant old tips or write-ups on your site.

Create Google Hangouts

Google Hangouts is a renowned way to not only share knowledge but also discuss subjects with blogging peers or your fans. Host a Hangout based on your older posts and your followers may come up with questions to learn more about what you have knowledge of.

Send Across Newsletter

I hope you are already sending out newsletters. Use newsletters to welcome new members and highlight some of your older yet popular posts.
If you are not already sending newsletters to your subscribers, then here is the reason to do so.

Run Across a Popular Post RoundUp

Apart from creating newsletters, you can even create a roundup post once or twice a month listing the links of your popular posts.

Share on Social Media Network

It is important for you to realize that at any given time, there may be an entire different group of audience reading and scanning social media networks. This simply means that the group of people who have noticed your tweet at 12 noon is replaced by altogether a different group after an hour.

The same stands true for your older posts. You must have gained a bunch of new followers since you last posted an idea on say, in July 2013. These people may have never seen some of your best posts. Bring them back in rotation through social media platforms.

Use Tweet Old Post Plugin

Tweet Old Post Plugin
Tweet Old Plugin is a great way to help your old posts in rotation. You can select the criteria in the options it provides as per your desire. You can select the categories you want to exclude or include, set the time between two tweets and choose other options to customize the settings, as you want.

Stumble Your Posts

StumbleUpon is a great way to bring new traffic on your site. This certainly brings your older posts into notice too.

What do you think? Is it really possible to drive crazy amount of traffic from StumbleUpon?

Here is the answer.

Re-write the Post with Related Updates and New Content

Edit the posts with new ideas. Trends and interests of audience keep on changing with time. Add some interesting and new facts to your older posts and this will give new life to your existing content in the eyes of search engines as well.

So, these all are the 10 clever things which you can do with your old blog posts. All this has helped me much and will surely help you as a blogger too.

Friday, 20 June 2014

Optimizing Your Landing Pages Should Be Easy. Here’s How

Are you a business owner thriving in the competitive world ofonline marketing? Are you an employee being bombarded with questions as why the online sales are diminishing?

If you are thinking of strengthening not only your company’s online presence but its sales as well, then take a moment to review your site’s landing page. This might be the only thing you need to attend to.

Before you head on with the details of improving your site, you have to familiarize yourself with what a landing page is.
A landing page is where you bring your visitors when they click your link from ads, search results and other web pages linking to you. Typically, if your goal is to sell your services, increase the number of subscriptions or cause the visitors to download your products, then you have to bring them to a page that will convince them to avail of such. Otherwise, you will be throwing your only chance of sales from a new visitor.

So how do you optimize your landing page?
Determine site barriers

You should determine your site’s ability to keep up with the fast-paced lives of your visitors. To be able to do this, check your page from different browsers and devices to see whether there are barriers that limit your online visitors. Be sure that your site ismobile responsive and loads all the site details in a snap.
De-clutter your page

No one would like to continue browsing a page with too much clutter. Every element in your landing page speaks something about you and your services. Determine which among these elements are important and eliminate those that are not.

If you are not sure of which to keep, here’s a list of the most important details on your landing page: An engaging headline, a short description of your services, feedback from satisfied customers, an image or video about you and what you offer, and of course, a call to action.
Do you know, Call-To-Action really is your secret weapon of success in Internet Marketing?

If you are not sure what CTA actually is, I highly recommend you to read about it first. Here is the direct link.

Call To Action – Secret Weapon of Success! HOW?
Check if your page has a fold

A fold creates a cut on your page from a typical browser resolution. Ensure that all the necessary items to deliver a number of conversions are above the fold. This way, if the visitor opts not to scroll down further, you are sure that you have relayed the message you want to speak of in the first part of your site.
Be consistent with your content

Narrow your focus, strengthen your voice and eliminate blabbering of things that sidetrack your visitors from your main point. Providing a consistent experience to your visitors from the ad they clicked to the landing page and all throughout your website will intensify the message you want to relay. Having understood this, your visitors will most likely purchase what you are offering.

If tinkering with your website’s codes seems too overwhelming for you, you can also try using a landing page software which is a lot cheaper than hiring professional services. By carefully crafting your landing page according to specific needs of your target market, you will be sure to notice drastic changes in your conversions in a small span of time.

Thursday, 29 May 2014

The Path For Those Who Are Still To Start Blogging

Blogging is one thing which almost every person wants to pursue today. Whether it is for your personal writing passion or an urge to earn money online, one thing is common in both objectives –Audience.

Whatever has enticed you to become a blogger, building readership is your primary concerns. Let me throw light on some of the basic elements required to start a blog.

1) Give Ambition To Your Purpose

If you are starting a blog, organise the blog according to your purpose. It’s either your passion to start a blog or you want to send out messages on specific issues, products and themes. You should be definitive yourself on how you want your blog to progress with time. Make a strong zeal for the right start and move ahead accordingly.

2) Target Your Audience

Definitely your blog should have visitors and you have to be aware for which section of audience you have created the blog.

If your blog is on beauty products and tips then the design and content of your blog should be such to engage people with special interests in skin and beauty.

If your blog is on current issues then topics has to be highly absorbing and interactive.

Remember there are many blogs coming up each day, of course there is equal level of interest from visitors too. But if your blog is not captivating each time, visitors might have other choices. So know your audience and keep them updated with your content.

3) Be interactive

You are in the web communication industry so a one sided blog is equal to nonexistent.

Your blog must have a comment section below each article. Ask your readers to express their views on your article. You may post questions for your readers to answer. Visit other blogs, leave your comments and keep an open invitation for readers to visit your blog. Offer them exciting reading and interactive platform.

4) Basic Skills For Blogging

To be a blogger, of course unique, informative and quality writing skills are primary. Along with that you have to be equally good insearch engine optimization to optimize your blog in accordance with the regulations set by search engines.

In order to promote your website or blog in the social media you have to be adept with the skills of social media marketing. Of course freelancers are available for help but knowing the job yourself will give you the extra edge both in terms of creativity and money.

5) Build Your Brand

Your blog is your brand. Your content and messages for the audience is the brand you represent. So work on the image of your brand. Design the website and logo in a way so that it conveys the image of your brand. Keep modifying the design so that an updated touch stays with your blog. You can experiment with your way of writing too.

Sometimes you can put your thoughts in bullets. Occasionally you can write a beautiful essay based on your theme or may be sometimes you can do it in a question and answer format. This is to keep your audience in sync with your blog. They should not get bored with your contents, instead have new expectations from your blog.

6) Make Your Presence Felt

This is the call of the generation. To make your blog visible in the web you have to take that extra step. Get connected to social networking sites like facebook, twitter, linkedin and advertise your blog there. Take part in social bookmarking through sites like digg andstumbleupon. Visit different or similar blogs and express views on their content. In turn invite them to visit your blog. You have to be an extrovert and also confident of your blog so that people are compelled to take a sneak at your blog.

7) Write What You Love

If your blog is not for business purpose then write stuffs which interests you. Rely on your forte and be yourself. If your style of writing is personalised to you then it is bound to be reader friendly. In no way a literature style English is required for your blog. Do not let your passion die with time. It takes a lot of effort and time to run a blog. So if you love the job your blog will have life.

8) Accept Criticism

It is not mandatory that visitors will leave flowery comments on your article. Your content might face tough criticism. Do not get bogged down, rather take it as publicity. Do not forget to thank your critics as you would thank other readers. Give it an analytical thought if really you should improve or alter certain aspects? Remember it is absolutely your call, avoid having wrong influences.

9) Use Catchy Headlines

Your content is incomplete without a headline. But do not make your headline a typecast. Just like your logo the headline has to be equally catchy to allure readers to read further. Read this article to find best example of catchy headlines.

Friday, 16 May 2014

6 Ways of Setting Up A Better Blog

Setting up a blog

As an experienced blogger, I often come across this question -

“What Does It Need to Become a Better Blogger’.

So, I thought about writing this one for all those who have just started and have the same in mind…

… It is not for you if you have already earned a credibility as a blogger for years.

Important Reminders for Amateur Bloggers

I admit that the following tips may sound usual to many of you.

However, how many of us actually take care of them when we follow our blogging schedule.

You may consider this as a reminder of key points required to maintain a credible blog.

Write Briefly

The attention span of people on web is too short.

With so much flashing around and ads hovering in front of eyes, a few of them take out real time to read long and lengthy pieces of content.

The fact is that many of us hardly like to spend time scrolling…

… and this is the reason your whole story should be put across in no more than 600 words.

You may work on shorter ones with 400 or 300 words if you have supporting videos or photos.

Longer than 600 is acceptable if it is really an interesting story that you are sure people will stick to.

In this post, Neil Patel from QuickSprout, explained how content length affects rankings and conversions.

Use Catchy Titles

Use humorous titles or ask a question.

Your aim should be to entice people to click on your title to read.

Try using the type of headlines you love exploring.

This will take you much closer to the psyche of the reader in your niche.

Share it On Social Media

If you want more people to see your post, you have to share it on different social media platforms.

Use Google+, Twitter, Facebook to make your posts viral.

Look out for some other social media platforms being used by your competitors.

Check out the above post for 4 amazing places to share your blog posts…

…and attract eager new readers to your blog.
attract more readers to your blog

It is really important to build relationships with your audience.

They invest time to read your posts and you should respect this fact.

Respond to the comments on your blog, thank readers who have shared your posts and comment on their posts as well.

This will help in building relationships and enhancing your network.

Building relationships lead to trust factor, and once people start trusting you, you get regular following on web.

Bow to the Tech

An expert designer and developer can make the ‘look and feel’ of your blog -

not only attractive but worth sharing too.

Spending some money on the design and beauty of your blog is not a bad idea if you are not good at it…

…and it’s also the sixth way of my blogging motivation.

Update it Regularly

Your blog needs to be updated at least once a week.

The more often you update the better it is.

Create a schedule to post information on week days.

Weekend traffic flow should be expected to be lower than week days.

I run an A/B test on my another blog to check what’s the actually benefit of updating the blog regularly.

Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Revealing 6 Tips To Increase Your Email CTR on Auto-Pilot!

Email Marketing requires you to track two major figures namely ‘Open Rate’ and ‘CTR (click through rate)’. While the primary target is to influence people to open your email campaign, your CTR defines the actual result of your email marketing. Open rate is not going to help if they read only to delete it. So, you need to target on increasing CTR if you want people to act on your offers.
Let me tell you, successful email marketing requires healthy CTR. This in turn increases your site traffic almost instantly. So, start on if you have not started yet, and if you already have, follow some simple steps to improve the way you send your emails.

First Tip : Create and Urgency or Scarcity

This is a wonderful tact used in almost all types of marketing. If your reader is delaying the action, most probably he forgets the offer you have given. So, you need to work on an email in way that people act immediately.

Always try to place offer for limited period not more than 48 hours. Or, you can simply create scarcity by placing offer only for first few number of people. This will help your potential users to act on urgently.

Second Tip: Give Relevant Offers

It is really important that your offer is relevant to the needs and interests of your recipients if you want them to click on your offers or even open your email for that matter. For this, you will have to build your email list quite carefully. It does not matter how wonderful your offer is, it will not give you a good CTR if it does not relate to their immediate needs or concerns.

Third Tip: Make Your ‘Call for Action’ Strong

This is a highly crucial tip. I have emails in my inbox that talk stories about I don’t what all, and the real ‘call for action’ is buried somewhere in the middle of long, never ending content. Create a short email with and easy to find call for action. Another solution is to repeat it a few times in your email and making it large and attractive so that no one misses it. Some teasers that do not reveal much about the offer and in turn entice user to click can help too. The idea is to make it compelling. Read this post for more great information about an appealing CTA.

Fourth Tip : Make You Emails Optimized for Mobile Users

Always remember that this is an era of smart phones. Most of your recipients would access your emails through mobile phones or devices. If your email is designed only to run comfortably on computers, you will surely lose a number of potential leads.

Fifth Tip: Test Your Emails Carefully

Test the length of your email, subject info, writing styles and all other factors before finally shooting your emails. Do not forget to add Google Analytics tools to track the performance and results of your marketing effort.

Sixth Tip: Send Short and Snappy Mails

Long, extensive explanations in your email will harm your CTR for sure. People get hordes of promotional emails everyday and do not want to spend time reading through and studying each mail. Make your email as brief as possible.

Friday, 18 April 2014

X Theme – Official Theme of Awesomeness

X The Ultimate WordPress Theme

According to dictionary, the word ‘awesome’ means extremely impressive or inspiring awe. When was the last time you were hand-cuffed to say ‘AWESOME’? Today, Yesterday or Days Back?

Now, what if I say you can buy Awesomeness! Well, not literally; but figuratively.
If you are annoyed finding the right theme, then here’s the ultimate solution to get rid of your problem for once and all.
Presenting “X – The Ultimate WordPress Theme”

To start off with, the developers have stated it as ‘last WordPress theme you’ll ever have to buy’. Well, at first I was setback by its bold tagline, but it’s in fact true to every of its words. ‘X’ theme is not one-specific theme, rather it has hell lots of designs packed in it. Interestingly, the developers have stated this as stacks; and the current theme has 3 amazing stacks (more to come soon!).

The best part is about the flexibility of the theme. You can use it for any niche you want, Technology, sports, cooking likewise. Also, it has been blessed with such awesome customization options that no two themes will look the same!

But, here comes the shocker — the price tag. The cost of ‘X’ theme has been slated at a whooping ‘60$‘. Disappointed? In fact, they are offering the best of WordPress theme at the least! Don’t believe us? Over 10,000 sales and 4.65/5 star ratings might not prove wrong. Wonder what’s so special? Here’s an in-depth review on X theme.
About the theme

The key selling point of the theme is on the basis of offering multiple designs which suits multiple tastes and flavors of different folks. It’s worth full of its price, as it has been embedded with such awesome add-ones and plugins, which we generally don’t see in WordPress platform.

As mentioned above, the theme is packed with 3 stacks (currently) which are —

The theme is not like child themes like genesis child themes which have a similar structure, each theme is different from one another.
Responsive Design

Another great selling point of theme. X theme can be used over various range of devices from phones to PC to tablets. Each theme you customize is responsive. The flexibility factor does counts here!
Short codes

Like other premium themes, the theme is packed with incredible shortcodes to increase the awesomeness and functionality of the theme. The developers behind the team have piled up a huge compilation of at least 40 amazing shortcodes, embedded in the theme.

If you are changing from one theme to another, these short codes might prove beneficial.
Customize Options

Well, no matter how much you say about the customize options, you will be short enough.

The theme has been packed with lots of customize options; you can modify the theme in any manner you want (given that two themes are quite different, this might prove beneficial again). This gives you an option to choose from a wide range of designs.

You can preview all these changes live. But, before your readers see these changes, you have to confirm these changes.
Export and Import

If you have designed a certain theme, and want to use this theme’s elements into a new one you can use the option of export/import too! The Export/Import feature does make ‘X’ theme stand out of the competition.

More to the customization part, you can customize almost every bit of the theme which includes — Logos, Background, Buttons, Fonts, Colors and much more.
One page-homepages

Among one of the awesome features, one-page themes are one of those. It’s one of the recent additions.
One-page themes have become a huge trend among developers, as you can see most of the websites going in for one-pagers.

Sunday, 30 March 2014

Business Templates

Pixel Crash

Pixel Crash is a blogger template with 2 columns, magazine-styled, right sidebar, rounded corners, exclusive design for Blogger, ads ready, slideshow and posts thumbnails.


Sederhana is a blogger template with 3 columns, magazine-styled, exclusive design for Blogger, ads ready, footer columns, social bookmarking icons, posts thumbnails, drop down menu, breadcrumbs, related posts, pagination, a background pattern, related posts support and well formatted threaded comments.
Excellent layout for blogs about news.


FinanceStock is a blogger template with 2 columns, right sidebar, fresh look, ads ready, footer columns, slideshow, social bookmarking icons, posts thumbnails, tabs, drop down menu, a background pattern and simple look.

Friday, 28 March 2014

How To Make Your Blog Visitors Happy And Returning?

Returning Blog Visitors

Many bloggers live in a misconception that getting more trafficmakes them rank high and earn more money. Certainly, the more traffic you get the more revenue you can generate. But when you depend upon fresh and anonymous traffic every day, you’ll surely find a black day when all your traffic almost disappears.

I’m serious, even Darren Rowse had a day when he almost lost his business long back in 2004. He then realized not to place all his eggs in one basket i.e. depending completely on Google for traffic and revenue.
So, what should you look for? Both are important for a blogger to earn and rank his blog.
“A visitor is a temporary reader and a reader is a permanent visitor”

Both can benefit you and help you raise your income. But that’s not what we should consider now, one should be more concerned about “giving more to them.”

Relationship Management

Just like CRM, you should be more concerned about maintaining a long term relationship with your visitors. That’s what builds your readership. Treat your visitors as customers and try to respect them and make them your loyal readers. But the strategies to be applied will be entirely different here, because you will not have a direct contact with them. So, how can you implement it?

Tips for newbies:

Since you’ll have very less or almost zero traffic in the very beginning, it’s a little tough task for you to build readership. Hey! It’s not that difficult if you really capable. You shouldn’t just concentrate on writing for robots (search engines). I agree that it’s really hard to drive traffic to your blog via search engines. So, it’s better to drive them from other blogs. Confused?

You’ve not started a blog just for someone who is new to web. People who need your content were already active on the web somewhere in social sites or other blogs. Now your duty is to just make them know that you have the content that they’re looking for.

Here are some posts that can help you get what you want.
7 Smart Tips To Drive Traffic From Pinterest To Your Blog
How To Drive Traffic To Your Website With Facebook Images?
Most Effective Tips To Get Traffic From LinkedIn

Tips For Bloggers
Attracting visitors is easier than retaining them. You might be having anywhere between 1K to 100K readers i.e. followers and visitors. Have you ever worried about them? If not, it is the time to act to benefit them and get benefited from them.
Don’t post what you know, give them what they need
Don’t go straight into the topic & don’t end it the same way
Let them know that you have all what they are looking for
Show your visitors that you’re really caring them
It’s better to offer them incentives through giveaways

People want something especially prepared for them; all you have to do is, use direct speech. This makes them feel that you’re talking to them directly. Also, ask them some questions related to the post they are reading.

What happens when you ask a question? They come up with an answer and interact through comments to your post. By doing this you can’t expect everyone to comment, but at least you’ll see a spike in comments.
There is nothing great than story telling when you want to express something. That even works for bloggers. I don’t mean that you should always tell stories; include some real life examples in your posts. If your post is theory, the example you mentioned will be a proof to it.

Writing Quality Content To Stand Out Real High
The Concise Art of Crafting A Conversational Article

For you, it is a Blog and for your readers it should be a ‘Brand’. What is the difference? If you create a brand image for your blog in their minds, they’ll trust you. You know what; such readers even help your blog to reach their friends by sharing on social media.

Whether it is referral, direct or search traffic, a visitor lands on your web pages to find a solution to his/her problem. If your posts just solve such issues, he may not look back at you again. So, how to make them stick to your blog every day?

As said in the above tips, just notify him that he has more content on your blog that boosts his cognizance. Let me give an example to you.

If your post is Tips to Increase Facebook Fan Page Likes you can include a related post like ‘3 Creepy Myths about ‘Buying’ Facebook Likes Nobody Wants to Tell You‘. Yes, you’re right it’s ON Page SEOand you should never forget it.

Tuesday, 18 March 2014

How to Convince Someone to Write a Guest Post for You

Get More Guest Posts
How did you convince me to write a guest post?

Here are five steps you can take that will make it easy for editors to say “yes” to your guest posts.

1. Write in the “you” voice, not the “I” voice

Readers want to feel like you’re talking to them, offering helpful advice and ideas—not like you’re talking about yourself. While the occasional anecdote can be effective, your best bet is to start out your post by talking to the reader, and writing about how what you’re about to share will change their life. Then delve into your personal anecdote.

Here’s an example of what I mean. Writing in the “I” voice might turn out a post that begins like this:

“I’ve always had trouble paying back my student loans.”

Writing in the “you” voice would look more like this:

“Having trouble paying back your student loans?”

The “you” there is only implied—“[Are you] having trouble paying back your student loans?”—but it’s still there. Here’s another option:

“Lots of students are having trouble paying back student loans. If you fall into this camp, listen up.”

That’s not the catchiest intro, but you get the idea—it’s written with “you”s rather than “I”s. This concept is essential throughout your piece, but most important in your introduction.

2. Don’t bury the lede

The biggest problem I see with guest posts is that they fail to have a focused introduction that tells the reader what they’re about to get—and tells them right away. In journalism, we call this “burying the lede.”

You only have a few seconds to catch and keep the attention of your reader. That means you can’t spend two paragraphs getting to the meat of your idea. Instead, you’ve got to get a running start, at least hinting at your main point from the very beginning.

If you’re having a hard time with this, see what happens if you chop off the first graph or two. Is it possible the piece would actually be stronger if you started with the second or third paragraph?

Even writers who offer fabulous ideas throughout their piece often have a weak introduction. Give your first few paragraphs extra care; they’ll make or break your post. And your editor will be particularly happy if s/he doesn’t have to rewrite your intro.

3. Write a great headline—even if you don’t have to

You may not be required to write a headline for your post, but guess what? It makes your editor’s job easier. The headline can be the hardest part; it’s got to be catchy, relevant and SEO-optimized. And it should match the voice of the other headlines on the site.

That means it will probably take some time to come up with a good one. But rather than completing your post and pitching it straight away, consider the extra effort it takes to create a fabulous headline part of the assignment.

There’s an added bonus here, too: if your headline is great, more readers will read, share and comment on your post. You’ll get more clicks on the link in your byline and more return for your investment. If you leave the headline up to the editor, there’s a chance they’ll come up with one that will serve you well, but if you take the time to do it yourself, you know you’ve done all you can to maximize eyes on the post.

Of course, it’s always the editor’s prerogative to change the headline, but that shouldn’t keep you from giving it your best shot. And take it from me—your editor will appreciate it!

4. Follow the publication’s link policy from the get-go

Each publication has its own policy about including links within the post¸ So either look for those requirements within the publication’s guest post guidelines, or ask the editor ahead of time.

At Brazen Life, we love to see links within the post so long as they’re relevant and helpful to our readers; in fact, we don’t run posts without links. But some publications have different preferences, often asking, for example, that the writer not link to his or her own blog. Getting this right the first time will make your editor’s day that much easier.

5. When in doubt, create a list

Having trouble getting your ideas across succinctly? Lots of us do, and lists can be a great help with that.

Here’s the good news: lists are popular with readers, too. Most posts with “5 Tips” or “5 Pieces of Advice” or “5 Reasons” get lots of clicks, which means if you’re good at writing list posts, you should do it.

I hate to advise this initially, because it’s so refreshing when a writer offers an awesome post that’s not written as a list or in bullet format. But bullets do make posts easy to read online. And if you’re struggling to write a helpful post, bullets can make it easier for you to convey your main ideas.

Following these tips—and making your editor’s job easy—won’t just help you land one guest post. If you abide by these suggestions, write a clean post and offer thought-provoking content, they’ll want you to write for them again down the line. And that means lots more guest posts in your future.

Do you have any tips you can add to this list? We’d love to hear them in the comments. And if you’re looking for other ways to use guest posts to attract new readers, stick around—later today, we’ll see how accepting guest posts on your blog can boost your traffic levels.

Thursday, 27 February 2014

6 Ways To Motivate Yourself in Blogging

Blogging Motivation Tips

You are a newbie and started your blog with 0 readers. Surely it’ll be hard to you to continue writing for your blog when no one is there to read it. Believe me, this is same for all. You need results that will encourage you for putting your best efforts to make your blog successful.

1. It’s Hard

I admit that blogging is fun, but you need to work through the tough times because it is hard more than fun. First few months will look like that you are writing for no one. You need to struggle to build your readership. Just kept your goals in mind, why you started blogging and keep moving without giving up.

2. You Need Followers

There are thousands of blogs online but why people will follow you and your blog? You need to be yourself. Express yourself while writing for your blog. Share your personal experiences,write conversational articles and keep your visitors happy. It will touch their hearts and they will love to follow you.

3. Appreciate Other’s Work

What will be the happiest moment other than getting first comment on a brand new blog. Readers’ comments encourage bloggers to keep providing useful stuff. You need to praise other’s work to get flood of comments on your articles. Read others’ blogs, leave comments and share their articles. They will surely do the same for you. It will not only increase your blog’s awareness in the blog-o-sphere but you’ll get in touch with influential bloggers also.

4. Market Your Blog

I always said that the better you promote, the more readers you will get. Don’t just sit relax after hitting the publish button. Be a killer promoter and do your best to reach your articles to the right audience. Share your articles as much as you can and you’ll get flood of new readers. You can make use of these Top 4 Non-Nonsense places to share your blog posts.

5. Get in Touch With Existing Readers

To grow your blog’s readership, you always need more and more new readers to land on your blog. But just don’t forget your existing readers. Get in touch with them, respond to their comments and provide them worth. Start building your email listand offer them freebies and useful content. They will more like to add your blog in their favorite blogs list.

6. Earn, Invest and Grow

Making first dollar out of the blog is the best encourage for a blogger. You need to start making money to keep yourself motivated. Keep your eyes glued to every possible way to make money from your blog. Look at the successful blogs in your niche and try to follow their strategies. There are many ways available today to earn online from a blog. You can make use of Google Adsense, Affiliate Marketing or provide your own services to your readers. The only goal is making money from your blog. Because it will always keep you motivated towards blogging.