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Thursday, 29 May 2014

The Path For Those Who Are Still To Start Blogging

Blogging is one thing which almost every person wants to pursue today. Whether it is for your personal writing passion or an urge to earn money online, one thing is common in both objectives –Audience.

Whatever has enticed you to become a blogger, building readership is your primary concerns. Let me throw light on some of the basic elements required to start a blog.

1) Give Ambition To Your Purpose

If you are starting a blog, organise the blog according to your purpose. It’s either your passion to start a blog or you want to send out messages on specific issues, products and themes. You should be definitive yourself on how you want your blog to progress with time. Make a strong zeal for the right start and move ahead accordingly.

2) Target Your Audience

Definitely your blog should have visitors and you have to be aware for which section of audience you have created the blog.

If your blog is on beauty products and tips then the design and content of your blog should be such to engage people with special interests in skin and beauty.

If your blog is on current issues then topics has to be highly absorbing and interactive.

Remember there are many blogs coming up each day, of course there is equal level of interest from visitors too. But if your blog is not captivating each time, visitors might have other choices. So know your audience and keep them updated with your content.

3) Be interactive

You are in the web communication industry so a one sided blog is equal to nonexistent.

Your blog must have a comment section below each article. Ask your readers to express their views on your article. You may post questions for your readers to answer. Visit other blogs, leave your comments and keep an open invitation for readers to visit your blog. Offer them exciting reading and interactive platform.

4) Basic Skills For Blogging

To be a blogger, of course unique, informative and quality writing skills are primary. Along with that you have to be equally good insearch engine optimization to optimize your blog in accordance with the regulations set by search engines.

In order to promote your website or blog in the social media you have to be adept with the skills of social media marketing. Of course freelancers are available for help but knowing the job yourself will give you the extra edge both in terms of creativity and money.

5) Build Your Brand

Your blog is your brand. Your content and messages for the audience is the brand you represent. So work on the image of your brand. Design the website and logo in a way so that it conveys the image of your brand. Keep modifying the design so that an updated touch stays with your blog. You can experiment with your way of writing too.

Sometimes you can put your thoughts in bullets. Occasionally you can write a beautiful essay based on your theme or may be sometimes you can do it in a question and answer format. This is to keep your audience in sync with your blog. They should not get bored with your contents, instead have new expectations from your blog.

6) Make Your Presence Felt

This is the call of the generation. To make your blog visible in the web you have to take that extra step. Get connected to social networking sites like facebook, twitter, linkedin and advertise your blog there. Take part in social bookmarking through sites like digg andstumbleupon. Visit different or similar blogs and express views on their content. In turn invite them to visit your blog. You have to be an extrovert and also confident of your blog so that people are compelled to take a sneak at your blog.

7) Write What You Love

If your blog is not for business purpose then write stuffs which interests you. Rely on your forte and be yourself. If your style of writing is personalised to you then it is bound to be reader friendly. In no way a literature style English is required for your blog. Do not let your passion die with time. It takes a lot of effort and time to run a blog. So if you love the job your blog will have life.

8) Accept Criticism

It is not mandatory that visitors will leave flowery comments on your article. Your content might face tough criticism. Do not get bogged down, rather take it as publicity. Do not forget to thank your critics as you would thank other readers. Give it an analytical thought if really you should improve or alter certain aspects? Remember it is absolutely your call, avoid having wrong influences.

9) Use Catchy Headlines

Your content is incomplete without a headline. But do not make your headline a typecast. Just like your logo the headline has to be equally catchy to allure readers to read further. Read this article to find best example of catchy headlines.

Friday, 16 May 2014

6 Ways of Setting Up A Better Blog

Setting up a blog

As an experienced blogger, I often come across this question -

“What Does It Need to Become a Better Blogger’.

So, I thought about writing this one for all those who have just started and have the same in mind…

… It is not for you if you have already earned a credibility as a blogger for years.

Important Reminders for Amateur Bloggers

I admit that the following tips may sound usual to many of you.

However, how many of us actually take care of them when we follow our blogging schedule.

You may consider this as a reminder of key points required to maintain a credible blog.

Write Briefly

The attention span of people on web is too short.

With so much flashing around and ads hovering in front of eyes, a few of them take out real time to read long and lengthy pieces of content.

The fact is that many of us hardly like to spend time scrolling…

… and this is the reason your whole story should be put across in no more than 600 words.

You may work on shorter ones with 400 or 300 words if you have supporting videos or photos.

Longer than 600 is acceptable if it is really an interesting story that you are sure people will stick to.

In this post, Neil Patel from QuickSprout, explained how content length affects rankings and conversions.

Use Catchy Titles

Use humorous titles or ask a question.

Your aim should be to entice people to click on your title to read.

Try using the type of headlines you love exploring.

This will take you much closer to the psyche of the reader in your niche.

Share it On Social Media

If you want more people to see your post, you have to share it on different social media platforms.

Use Google+, Twitter, Facebook to make your posts viral.

Look out for some other social media platforms being used by your competitors.

Check out the above post for 4 amazing places to share your blog posts…

…and attract eager new readers to your blog.
attract more readers to your blog

It is really important to build relationships with your audience.

They invest time to read your posts and you should respect this fact.

Respond to the comments on your blog, thank readers who have shared your posts and comment on their posts as well.

This will help in building relationships and enhancing your network.

Building relationships lead to trust factor, and once people start trusting you, you get regular following on web.

Bow to the Tech

An expert designer and developer can make the ‘look and feel’ of your blog -

not only attractive but worth sharing too.

Spending some money on the design and beauty of your blog is not a bad idea if you are not good at it…

…and it’s also the sixth way of my blogging motivation.

Update it Regularly

Your blog needs to be updated at least once a week.

The more often you update the better it is.

Create a schedule to post information on week days.

Weekend traffic flow should be expected to be lower than week days.

I run an A/B test on my another blog to check what’s the actually benefit of updating the blog regularly.