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Friday, 14 November 2014

10 Ways To Cleverly Get Natural Backlinks To Your Blog

Basically organic backlinks are the ones that are naturally created by the sites, social profiles and blogs that refer to your site just because it has great and complete content on a topic and include a link back to your site as a reference or citation.One of the greatest examples of a site with huge natural or organic backlinks is Wikipediawhich enjoys huge love from search engines like Google and Bing. Wikipedia has content that the general world refers to and enjoys a domain authority of 100 (a rare feat) by open site explorer.

Advantage of organic backlinks:
  1. Organic backlinks help you to get thumbs up by search engines.
  2. This is a good way to getting known to the audience of a site that you have no access to.
  3. Eventually it will increase your credibility in your niche and help you in getting known as an authority figure (just remember it doesn’t happen overnight).
Getting natural or organic backlink is something you earn so your efforts have to be phenomenal and so luring that linking back is achieved without having to pay or ask someone. Here are the methods to get quality organic backlinks.

1) Write great and epic content:

Remember Wikipedia above, the single reason for people and sites including blogs linking to it is that, it has content that is rare to find elsewhere. Similarly your blog’s content has to be detailed and complete. We have to also keep in mind that detailed and complete posts need not be lengthy always.
Matt Cutts talks about organic link building in his video “Is there such a thing as building too many links“.

2) Get a “Link to us page” or section:

If you have content worth linking to, there is no harm in making an appeal to your readers to link to your content. This can be done with CTA or call to action buttons or mere providing with banners and HTML codes that when a reader uses on his site automatically links back to yours.

3) By networking and getting seen in places with potential readers (read linkers).

a) Conferences, live events and press events:

These are the best places to hangout in if you want to get noticed. Remember blogging is all about exposure. Building connections can help you in getting more friends and eventually they will introduce you to their audiences. This way you are sure to create some real meaty organic links.

b) Forums:

Forums had been the go to places for all sorts of building connections and link backs to your sites pretty some time back. But after the advent of social media forums have been in the backstage though forum marketing still works if you do it smart.
How to get started with forums: Conduct a Google search with “your keyword or niche” + “forum” or you can use boardreader too. Once you have access to a community check if they allow signatures or not (because these are the places you will put your links on). If they provide join them. Write some quality topics and contribute before attaching a signature right away.

c) Q & A based sites:

Sites like yahoo answers have great value when building quality and free backlinks are concerned, provided you give quality service to their reader community. Quora is another one that has achieved great success.

4) Social media sites:

Social media sites also allow you to put links in your BIO section and have a great value as far as SERPs are concerned.
Twitter: Twitter offers to add a number of links in your BIO section provided they are limited to 140 characters. Try not adding more than three or else it might appear spammy.
Facebook: Facebook personal profile as well as pages has a huge potential for adding links to sites that you own.
Google Plus: Google Plus has an unlimited capacity of accumulating your links the only condition being NOT to make it spammy.
Pinterest: Pinterest gives one high value backlink to your site that you have chosen to be displayed at your BIO section.
LinkedIn: LinkedIn provides an option of three backlinks to your favorite sites along with customized anchor text (though it has little or no value as far as SEO is concerned, using a wise anchor text will provide a great influx of traffic to your site).

5. Relationship Blogging,

Building relationship among fellow bloggers and with authority bloggers in your niche can have surprising benefits in creating natural backlinks. Try hanging out with them on their blog, and on their favorite social media site too. You can grab their attention by commentingon their posts, asking for a help and thanking them for a certain idea that they shared.
When it comes to thanking them, you should always approach a personal way by emailing them. The email should not be long and should be formal, saying them that their post has helped you and would love to read more topics like this.
This way you can come under their radar and you can soon build a relationship that can result in an exchange of links. I have many good blogging friends among whom is Ana Hoffman and this led me harvest a link on the much looked up to blog.

6. Release your earning report:

Releasing your earning report might not get along well with many but if you are one of them who would proudly show up the result of your hard work you can have an added benefit as well. Yes, many blogs and magazines show up reports based on top bloggers who earned the highest (can be yearly or monthly) and chances are you might get featured in those articles thus making sure a link back to your site or a post.

7. Organize a link carnival:

Many bloggers and pro bloggers conduct a weekly or monthly link carnival or thankful posts in which they place an excerpt of famous bloggers’ (or their friends) posts that has been written within that time period. This is an exceptional way to show your love and build connection with an additional advantage of building high quality backlinks too. 

8. By giving Interviews and conducing them too.

Interviews are the best way to build relationship with pro bloggers. Interview posts generate huge readership, especially if the interviewee is someone very authoritative in the field. For taking interviews of such personalities you have to first build a rapport with them (check the previous two points for knowing how). If you succeed to entice a figure well known in the niche you are not only getting a chance of hijacking some of his readers, but also ensuring a link back from his blog.
And if you want yourself to be interviewed you have to first build a solid track record and then help your fellow bloggers and juniors selflessly. This way they will come to know you and might get interested in publishing your interview. You can easily ask for two three do follow backlinks as you might seem right.

9. Create a unique and helpful tool that comes handy for your industry

If you are good at technical aspect of something or may be simply the skills like HTML or programming knowledge why not leverages that into something that would earn you tremendous organic backlinks that are Google safe.
See here the page It’s a single page website offering a great tool and has 20K+ visitors and alexa rank 26K. This type of tolls in your website (although as a PAGE) can help them get linked when users write a topic related to them or on resource pages of websites like mine.

10. Conduct a Massive blogger outreach and a post on what they say on a topic.

Conduct a post on the opinion of a number of influential bloggers on a topic and put up that post. After making the post live don’t hesitate to forward the post link to the members included in the post. Most will feel happy to share them across their audience and chances are some might even link them to their posts.