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5 Biggest Blunders That Will Kill Your Online Business

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You might have often heard how different people’s businesses are facing failure by each surpassing day even after spending lots of money. Although the owners try everything that can save their online business, few do not get enough results.
Do you have ever wonder what went wrong with these online businesses?
Online business is like an ocean, few businessmen get pearls from it and few sink in its depth. From this post you will learn about the mistakes that can kill your online business.
So here are the five great blunders that if done may destroy your online business.

1# No Bloody Dedication

The moment you started an online business, you stepped into the vast world of marketing procedure. Your site will define the product.
Some of the mistakes that may kill your business
  • If you are not confident about your product, no one in hell is going to be.
  • Whining and crying that how Mr. Bill and Mr. Mark are billionaires and I am just a no-body. “How the hell am I gonna compete with them?“, isn’t going to help at all.
  • Being a stranger to your own site and not posting for days.
  • Blaming Mr. What’s-his-name customer for your crappy position.
  • No up-grades and no new products for years.
  • “How have I end up here in this business, I should have done something else”. This is the most hazardous mentality that may destroy your career forever.

2# Being Unprofessional

Your site is the only link between product and customer. Nobody is going to give a crap about how great your product is unless you maintain a clean and organized site.
It’s too easy to build an online business with the help of and some $30-40 for outsourcing from the lowest bidder, some freelance graphics guy can also be hired, even better use some clip art. VistaPrint may help you with business cards.
All in all you are set with your business for $40-50.
No judgment but here are few problems
  • Unclean site.
  • Repulsive graphics.
  • Downright cheap.
  • Thoroughly unprofessional.
  • Unknown in market.
You want to be big ….go big. You can’t expect big dollars if you chain up your wallet. Needless to say you don’t need to take a loan for that. Just do enough and maintain a clean, organized, attractive and professional site.

3# Problem in your Niche

Analyzing the market to find those group of people who are meant for your site. Niche is the activity or situation best suited for a person’s interests.
Tips that may help in understanding the problem:
  • Success in marketing lies in narrowing down your niche. One product cannot be for every market.
  • Whacking up broad market is never a good option.
  • Narrowing down my queries to one question whose answer and solution is best known to me.

4# Losing Customers

It takes hard labor to capture the attention of any customer. Once found, it’s a shame to lose them.
Being in online marketing business you’ve got just one shot at your customer. Some wanderer buyer visits the site, scoops around, learns about exciting offers, reads articles and makes a note in his mind to come back again. Let me tell you once he is out, he stays out. He most certainly forgets your URL, then finds an alternative site.
Here you not only lose that potential customer but also all those referrals he would have made.
Here are a few ways to keep them intact:
  • Offer them free articles or e-books in return for their details.
  • Free gifts or discounts on registration.
  • Use MailChimp which for 500 subscribers is free.
  • Trending in social networking sites and keeping a record of those people who “Like” your site and tracking them online.

5# What’s the need for planning?

“I am a small-time business man. I have designed my site well. Now planning is for Mr. Billand Mr. Mark like businessmen. We work on instincts not planning ahead to keep things simple, huh”.
You are terribly mistaken brother. Planning ahead for the long term is as important as your business. Many questions arise if a business is not planned. Some simple ones are as follows:
  • What is my goal?
  • How would I reach it?
  • What procedures must I apply to get there?
  • What are my expectations?
  • How in hell will I know when I have reached it?
  • What market should I aim at?
  • What makes me unique?


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